Thats Mee^^^

My name is Kayla,I have a twin sister named Katlan. She is a senior this year. I also have a older sister her name is Brooke. She is married and has a beautiful baby boy named Noah. Also I have a older brother; his name is Tony. He graduated last year,now he works offshore.

I am seventeen and just got my driver's license. The school that I go to is Kaplan High .I am in the eleventh grade but only until after the chrismas break; then I will be in twelveth. I have a pitbull, her name is Sassie and she is black and white. I also have a guinea-pig; his name is Big Guy and he is brown and white.

My favorite thing to do is read.I like hanging out with my friends,going places, and having fun. I'm a really easy person to get along with. I am not in any clubes that are supported by my school. When I get out of hight school I am planning to go to college to be a orthodontist .