Raising one tiki at a time;
There will be two fundraisers in order to pay for the "Pep Fest" (a fun filled day on the seniors' last day) and "Honor's Night Reception", where gifts and awards will be given out for those who did well throughout the year. The two fundraisers will be plate lunches. The first fundraiser will be Sunday, November 6th, 2011. (a specific date has not been set at the moment) and the second fundraiser will be the last Sunday, February 27th, 2012.
If you are interested in attending monthly meetings to help plan events and fundraisers,
our monthly meetings are held at school on the first Monday of each month at six o'clock p.m.
*Please make an effort to help support our cause. It will be very much appreciated.
Renaissance Awards:
(Seniors must take at least three core classes; English, math, social studies, or science in order to qualify for academic awards)

4.0 CLUB: Students must maintain a 4.0 GPA for the entire school year up to and including the fifth six weeks. They will also recieve a Renaissance T-shirt. (Seniors must take at least six classes during their senior year)
  • Freshmen: iPod Shuffle
  • Sophomores: Digital Camera
  • Juniors: Digital Photo Frame
  • Seniors: Portable DVD Player

3.75-3.99 CLUB: Students must maintain this average through the fifth six weeks. A $25 Wal-Mart gift card will be awarded along with the T-shirt.
3.50-3.74 CLUB: Students must maintain this average through the fifth six weeks. They will receive a $15 Wal-Mart gift card along with the T-shirt.
3.0-3.49 CLUB: Students must maintain this average through the fifth six weeks. They will only receive the T-shirt.
EXCEL CLUB: The top twenty students with the highest cumulative GPA for the school year will receive a $15 Best Buy gift card.
DUEL ENROLLMENT (DE) CLUB: Students who have scheduled a duel enrollment class junior or senior year will receive a gift based on the type of duel enrollment course and the number of college credits awarded.
TOPS/ACADEMIC or TOPS/CAREER ENDORSEMENT: Seniors must meet the state criteria to qualify for this award. Career endorsement will receive a $20 Renaissance cash award; academic endorsement will recieve a $30 Renaissance cash award.
SENIOR SELECT CLUB: Seniors must maintain a 3.5 GPA average for each year within high school. They receive a DVD player.
SENIOR HONOR ROLL: Seniors must maintain a 3.0 GPA average for each year within high school. They will receive a luggage set.
TOP OF THE CLASS (Top 10 of the Graduating Class): They will receive a silver plated Cross pen.
+25 CLUB: For those seniors only who scored a 25 or better on the ACT. The will receive a digital recorder.
UNIQUE CLUB: The senior(s) who have maintained a perfect 4.0 throughout their high school career (NO B's at all, not just final grades) and made at least a 25 on ACT. They will receive a laptop computer.
TEACHER, STUDENT, and SUPPORT PERSON OF THE YEAR: They will receive a digital camera.
MOST IMPROVED STUDENT: Students will be selected by each individual teacher throughout the year. Students will receive an $8 Sonic gift card. Students must show improvement in either on or all of the following areas:
  • Class work/Homework completion and/or understandings
  • Grade
  • Attitude
  • Conscientious/Hardworking
  • Always pays attention/On task
  • Polite/Courteous to students and teachers
  • Punctual/Ready for class

SERVICE CLUB: This club is for students who have served on the newspaper or yearbook staff (as determined by individual sponsors). They will receive a CD case.
PERFECT ATTENDANCE CLUB: Students will be rewarded if after the fifth six weeks they have not missed more than half a day of school and have no unexcused tardies leading to In-School Suspension. Exused absences for participation in extracurricular activities are not to be included. At the end of each school year a revised list of perfect attendance will be completed to determine perfect attendance for the entire school year and will determine qualification for two-, three-, or four-year awards.
  • One year: Clock Radio
  • Two year: MP3 Player
  • Three year: iPOD Home
  • Four year: $100 Electronic Device

LEADERSHIP CLUB: This award is for all officers and leaders of school organizations and clubs. They receive a lapel pen (ordered from Anderson's). Presidents of the organizations recieve an ink pen valued at $3-$5.
BIRTHDAY CLUB: Student will receive a gift certificate for an ice cream from McDonald's. If unavailable, revert to candy bar.

*Renaissance Awards are subject to change based on money available.