Kaplan High Donorschoose Projects

  1. Mrs. Bourque Meeting 21st Century Needs 

  2. Mr. Herpin  Across the Web for Math

  3. Mrs. Boudreaux What Does Our World Look Like?

  4. Mrs. Trahan Connect to the World and Student Body!

  5. Mrs. Lebouef  OMG! We <3 Technology 

  6. Ms. Martin See My Notes 

  7. Ms. SchexniderVirtually, Separate the Matter

  8. Mr. Duhon Where In The World Are We? 

  9. Ms. Broussard Moving With Math 

  10. Mrs. Lange Birds Eye View

  11. Mr. Lotief  A Lifetime of Fun

  12. Mrs. Casterline E-readers Enhance Education 

  13. Mrs. Girouard eRead Into the Future!



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