KHS is an "A" School

Congratulations to the student body, faculty, staff, and community of Kaplan High School.  The state department has released School Performance Scores and Kaplan High School has been identified as an "A" high school in the state of Louisiana.  The students of Kaplan High School are immersed in a culture of high expectations and performance in the classroom.  Our teachers are determined to present current content and engaging activities to prepare our student to be college and career ready.  This administration will not deviate from a focus of student success in the arena of academics, social, and extracurricular achievement. As a community, we belong to a top school in the Acadiana area.  With this support and determination, the tradition of a high performing school will continue



Kaplan High School

200 E. Pirate Lane

Kaplan, LA 70548




"Academic Learning and Personal Success for All Students!"


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