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Common Core State Standards Resource Update CCSSRU


Teachers across Louisiana are planning and teaching using the Common Core State Standards. Instead of teaching shortcuts to students, these standards foster the ability to think through problems and to reason independently. In short, the Common Core State Standards ask students to do in the classroom what they'll be asked to do throughout life: think for themselves and solve problems.


See below for resources to support you and your students in this transition to more rigorous standards:

  • Common Core FAQ: Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about the standards.
  • New Questions in EAGLE: To support educators as they work to implement the standards, the Department has also added several hundred math and English language arts sample questions to the EAGLE assessment tool.
  • New Practice Tests: Click here to see the new ELA and math practice tests that were recently added to the Teacher Support Toolbox. Educators now have access to twelve full-length practice tests to aid and enhance student learning throughout the year.
  • Early Childhood:The Teacher Support Toolbox now offers resources designed specifically for early childhood teachers to support early childhood teachers as they set goals based on the Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards, plan and teach, and evaluate results. This includes a scope and sequence for ELA and math as well as a sample unit lesson plan. Click this link for access. Additional resources will be forthcoming.


Compass UpdatesCompassupdates


Goal Setting


Last week, the Department released a new resource, called "student achievement trend data," to districts that illustrates how students have performed historically and how they would perform if their historical trend were to continue. Educators should use this information as one source to inform what they and their students will achieve together this year, and to provide background information for setting ambitious but reasonable Student Learning Targets.


The following additional resources are available to support educators' use of value-added targets:


Additionally, the Department has released a series of tools and resources designed to support teachers in setting rigorous academic goals for themselves and students. These resources include:

Please contact compass@la.gov with questions.



Teacher Leader AdvisorsTLA


The Department is announcing this year's Teacher Leader Advisors. Last year, this same group produced many of the resources in the Classroom Support Toolbox. This team of teachers will create the next wave of resources to support educators in working together to improve student learning in Louisiana. Congratulations to these Louisiana educators!


If you have any questions, please email LouisianaTeacherLeaders@la.gov.



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