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Community Workers

First, Next, Then and Last

First, Next, Last Frogs

Good Citizens

Sorting Items

Holidays 1


Louisiana is my state (K)


Shopping 1/Pennies

Shopping for snacks/Pennies

Shopping for Toys/Pennies


US, State, Parish

Community Helpers-1st

Country Map

City Maps

Street Map

Create a map

Measurement and Tools (Matter)

Describing States of Matter

LA Indians Long Ago and LA People Now

Branches of Government

Causes of the Revolution

RAFT Writing Template

SPAWN Writing Template

Venn Diagram

Webbing Tool

Vocabulary Word Map (Literacy Strategy)

Word Map 2

Questioning the Author Template

Reciprocal Teaching Template

Story Chain Template

Plot Diagram Template

GISTing Template

Word Grid Template

Cause and Effect of the Revolution

Chronology of US Documents

Chronology of  US Constitution

Men of the Revolution

Compare and Contrast 1776 and Present

Nouns Constitution Day


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