All About Mrs. Katie





History:  I grew up in Kaplan.  I even went to school at Kaplan Elementary when I was little!  I have one sister and she came to Kaplan Elementary, too.  I also attended Rene Rost Middle School and Kaplan High School.

Education:  I graduated from Kaplan High School in 1995.  After graduation, I attended USL.  Right before I graduated from college it became the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education in December of 1999.  I decided that I wanted to learn more, so I went back to school again.  In December of 2005, I graduated from UL a second time.  I obtained my Masters in the field of Gifted Education with a minor in Educational Technology.  I also have participated in as many educational inservices or classes as I could!  If there is a class and I can take it, I do!

Family:  My mother and father still live in Kaplan and have been wonderful inspirations to me!  I have one sister.  Her name is Kristie. In November or 2007, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  We named her Alyssa.  Alyssa and I live in Kaplan.  In March 2012, I married Eric Primeaux.  He also came to school in Kaplan!  I have two wonderful step-daughters named Emily and Mia. 

Teaching:  I became a teacher in January 1999.  I worked at Katherine Drexel Elementary.  In August of 2000, I returned to teach in Vermilion Parish.  I began teaching at Eaton Park Elementary and continued there until August 2008.  In August 2008, I returned to teach at the Elementary School that helped me become who I am today.  I knew I wanted to teach even when I was in high school.  I had many wonderful teachers who inspired me such as Mrs. Guillory, Mrs. Vincent, and even Mrs. Anne Fontana (my first grade teacher).  Everyday when I get to see the light in students eyes when they learn a new concept, I know this is the perfect profession for me!

Alyssa, Aggie, and I