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Mrs. Katie's Homepage When we read a story, there are often many concepts within that story that are very interesting, but often we don't have enough time to fully explore.  I have found links that you can use to help your child explore more aspects of the stories that we read in our room.  Making connections is one of the ways that children gain a deeper understanding of the stories that we read.  If a book title is green, it is a big book that we read together in class.  If a book title is red, it is a core reading story from our reading text book. 
Sometimes All I Am The Hat

Hat Type Glossary

Renewable Wind

Weather Wiz Kids: Wind

Sam and the Bag

Cat Guide

All About Cats: For Kids


All About Ants

Ant Images

The Hidden Life of Ants

Let's Go Visiting

Farm Animals Page

Baby Animal Names

Jack and Rick

Friendship Quotes

Meet Author David McPhail

Ten Dogs in the Window

AKC Dog Breeds List

Dogs for Kids

Todd's Box
All That Corn

Corn Quick Facts

Corn History for Kids

Processing Corn

Corn Clip Art

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