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Mrs. Katie's Homepage Sorting is the process of making groups.  The groups should share common properties.  This process is also known as categorization.  Categorization just means making categories with things.  Here are some websites and activities that you can do to with your child to help them understand this process.
Clothes Sorting:  This is an important process of our everyday lives, why not let your little one help?  Please explain why certain articles of clothing belong in the same load of wash.
Utensil Sorting:  As you are putting away your spoons, forks, and other utensils, why not let you r little one help?  Please show them how grouping utensils makes it easier to find them!
Classification Game:  Sorting by common characteristics.  It actually looks like a sorting machine!  Very fun game!
Clifford's Sorting Game:  Flo and Zo sort it out together (online sorting game)
Sorting Game - Adventures of Ollie - Sorting Recycling
Sorting with Hampshire - Sorting using a Venn Diagram


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