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One of the first grade topics that is covered in the Comprehensive Curriculum is weather.  Merriam Webster's online dictionary defines weather as "the state of the atmosphere in regard to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness".  Basically weather is what it's like outside.  Here are some links to websites that relate to weather.
Weather Wiz Kids:  Weather Wiz Kids is a site that is designed to help children learn about the different kinds of weather, the causes, and more.  This page was created by a meteorologist and is very informative.
The Weather Channel for Kids:  The Weather Channel for Kids is a site that contains weather games, video clips of weather, information about global warming, and more.
Web Weather for Kids:  Web Weather for Kids is a site that contains stories, games, activities and more.
Interactive Weather Maker:  The interactive weather maker is a site created by Scholastic where children can create their own weather and see how the different components of weather affect the overall weather.
Twister:  This link shows the movement, formation of a tornado.
The Weather Dude:  The Weather Dude is a meteorologist from the Weather Channel who has created his site for the education of children.  It contains weather songs, facts, and much more.


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