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Mrs. Katie's Homepage Good spellers are people who understand and are able to correctly use the letter and sound correspondence.  In our class, we will learn many of the phonetic spelling rules that will help your child become a great speller!  Spelling rules can also help your child develop reading fluency.  If your child recognizes common spelling patterns, he or she will be able to read new words more quickly.  Here are some fun activities you can try at home to help your child practice our spelling words and focus sound at home!
Spelling in the
Type Them!
Your child can use your computer and any word processing program.

They can change the font, color, and even print to make it more interesting!

Word Search
Give your child a magazine or newspaper and allow them to use a highlighter or yellow crayon to find as many spelling words as they can!  They could also use scissors to cut them out and make a spelling word collage! 
Cut it out!  Spelling
Your child can use an old paper or magazine to cut out many letters.  Using the letters that he or she cutout, your child can build the spelling words.  You could also allow them to glue the letters to make a spelling poster.
Secret Spelling
If you buy lemon juice at the store, you can pour some into a bowl, then give your child a toothpick.  Have them write their spelling words and then they will magically disappear.  If they want their hard work to reappear, they can simply use a pencil to shade over the entire area and they will reappear!  It's like magic!
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