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Mrs. Katie's Homepage Good spellers are people who understand and are able to correctly use the letter and sound correspondence.  In our class, we will learn many of the phonetic spelling rules that will help your child become a great speller!  Spelling rules can also help your child develop reading fluency.  If your child recognizes common spelling patterns, he or she will be able to read new words more quickly.  Here are some fun links you can try at home to help your child practice our spelling words and focus sound at home!
Spell City Magnetic Words My Writing Corner-
Make sentences or stories with Spelling words Write Kangaroo Sentences Froggy Pad (Sentences)
Froggy Pad (Paragraph Form) Write with a Pen Write with a Quill Feather
Make Flash Cards AAA Spelling Kids Spell
Game Aquarium Fun Brain Scholastic Spelling
Catch the Spelling Spelling Games Merriam-Webster's Spell It!
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