Kaplan Elementary School Expectations:

                                        Keep Safe

                      Eager to Learn

                      Show Respect


**Students are given PBS pirate bucks for exhibiting our expectations. Pirate bucks are used for special events, the KES concession stand and store.

PBS = Positive Behavior Support.


Mrs. Olivia's Classroom Rules and Procedures


1. Follow Directions at all times.

2. Use your manners.

3. Raise your hand to speak or to get out of your desk.

4. Be a good listener.

5. Keep you hands to yourself



            Discipline Policy:

This policy is in accordance with Vermilion Parish & Kaplan Elementary guidelines:

1. A Warning is given the first time a rule is broken.  Any serious offences will result in a pink ticket

        and/or directly sent to the office.

2. The second time a rule is broken the student moves his/her clip to the opposite side of the smiley face

        and the student misses a recess.

    The third time a rule is broken the clip is moved to the straight face and a recess is taken.

    The fourth time the clip is moved to the frown face and a pink ticket is given.

3. When a pink ticket is given: a consequence note is sent home and all recesses are taken the next day.

    **If the rule is broken in the same day after the pink ticket, an office referral is given.

4. The fifth time and any other rules broken will result in a pink ticket and consequence letter. 

    Upon the third consequence, a conference with the parents will be requested.

 5.  After the third pink ticket is given in a week, the student will be officially referred to the office and a

       discipline report will be recorded in the student's official record.


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