Computer Teaching Program:

**Use these worksheets as you see fit.  Most of the worksheets are in color.  Students can color-in the sheets themselves!



Power Points:

Big Keyboard (color coded) Instructions to Know Parts of a Computer
Blank Keyboard Computer Words to Know Computer Definitions Template
Computer Parts Icons to Know

 ***This template has a computer word on each slide, so a teacher can add the appropriate definition for each grade level.

Keyboard Worksheet             Computer Definitions to Know Interactive Power Point Quiz Template
Keyboard - Shift Key Computer Window Labeled  
Keyboard - Space Bar Mouse Worksheet  
Keyboard - Number Keys Mouse Information Sheet

Keyboard - Enter & Caps Lock Keyboard Information/Color Coded  
Keyboard - Backspace Key    
Learning Websites Technology Presentations Homework
Mrs. Olivia's E-mail      Reading & Spelling Practice Home

Classroom Rules

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**Graphic Bibliography: All clip art from Microsoft Online