Indians in Louisiana Online Quiz

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      Did you know that Louisiana had Indians long ago? The Native American Indians were the first people to ever live in Louisiana.  They lived in this state long before white men settled here.  The Indians taught the white men many things. 

       There are several tribes that are still in Louisiana, but some donít exist here anymore. Some Tribes that are still in Louisiana today are the Chitimacha, Coushatta, Caddo, Tunic-Biloxi, and the United Houma Tribes.  Many traditions and stories have been passed down to Indians today.

        An Indian tribe is a larger group of Indians who share their culture and history. There are also bands of tribes which have groups of four or five families in a tribe. They all lived in villages or communities which formed within a tribe or band. The Indians made pirogues and taught the white men build this light boat made. They also hunted, fished and trapped to survive.  They lived in round or rectangle dwellings or homes.  Louisiana Indians did not live in teepees. Each group has special things about their tribes. Through the years, some things have changes for the Louisiana Indians, but some are working hard not to ever forget the stories and history of their ancestors

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1.  Are there still Indians living in Louisiana today? 
2.  Are all Indians in Louisiana from the same tribe? 
3.  Name one way Louisiana Indians got food to eat?
4.  Did Louisiana Indians live in teepees?  
5.  What did they live in?
6.  What are pirogues?
7.  Name one Indian Tribe still living in the state of Louisiana today. 

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