Poverty Point Indians Leave Their Mark

(Louisiana Indian Landmark)


        If someone told you that there was a large bird shaped mound in Louisiana would you believe them? Well it is true!  Louisiana has the second to largest American mound in the United States. The historical landmark is called Poverty Point. The huge mound is near Epps, Louisiana. The beautiful site was built by the Poverty Point Indians very long ago. 


       When the Poverty Point Indian tribes lived in Louisiana they made their mark by creating this beautiful site.  The largest mound in Poverty Point is called Bird Effigy Mound. The Bird Effigy Mound is 3/4 mile across, 70 feet high, and looks like a bird when viewed. 


        To create this monument, the Indians loosened shells and stones and carried all of that to the mound by hand.  The artifacts in the ground can tell us a little about that time and that Indian tribe. Then they created eleven miles of ridges with a design. There were no cranes, forklifts or machines to help them carry all of the stones. The amazing part is that this was created by hand. Do you think that was difficult work? Explain why? 


       The Poverty Point Tribal Indians no longer exist, but their tribe left a tremendous gift and a wonderful piece of art for Louisiana. Though their tribe is gone, they are remembered because they made their mark for everyone to see!

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1.  What is the name of the largest Indian mound in Louisiana?  


2.  Where is it located?  


3.  What Indian tribe built this monument?  


4.  What did they use to build it?  


5.  Is it a landmark in Louisiana now?  


6.  Are there still Poverty Point Indians in Louisiana?  


7.  Is a mound above the ground or below it?


8.  Do you think building Poverty Point was an easy job for this tribe?    Explain your answer below.  



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