Louisiana Indian Lessons for Students

II. Louisiana Trail of Indians Day #2 (Print Lesson MS Word or PDF File)


  • Identify sources where historical information can be found and how that information can be used SS.2.10.48:  Locate general areas on maps and globes referenced in historical stories and legends

  • Use standard English punctuation

  • Alphabetize to the second letter and some third letters (ELA 3 E5) - (Standard 3) (LA GLEs)   ELA.2.3.37:  Use a dictionary and a glossary to locate correct spellings

  • Locate information using the organizational features of texts, including: ;URL addresses from the Web ;title pages ;glossaries ;indices ;tables of contents ;chapter headings

  • Locate information about a topic from a variety of sources, including children's magazines, children's encyclopedias, and electronic references

  • Gather and arrange information in a variety of organizational forms, including graphic organizers, simple outlines, notes, and summaries

1.  HOTS Question: What do you know or would want to know about the "Louisiana Indians?"


2. Activities:

3.  Additional Indian Activities (Language/Art ABC Order Practice Using Indian terms)

4. Evaluation: Indian Worksheets or printed Interactive Work

5. Homework: Social Studies Test on Louisiana Indians

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