Louisiana Indian Lessons for Students

III. Louisiana Trail of Indians Day #3 (Rotation Day 1 with Centers)  Print Lesson MS Word or PDF File

Day 1 of  Center Rotations (20 minutes each)


1. HOTS Questions: Who are the Chitimacha Indians? Have they changed through the years? Explain your answer.


2. GLEís

  • Interpret a diagram

  • Describe basic characteristics of maps and globes SS.2.1.4:  Identify geographical features in the local region

  • ∑Identify similarities and differences in communities over time

  • Identify sources where historical information can be found and how that information can be used

  • Locate general areas on maps and globes referenced in historical stories and legends

  • Locate information using the organizational features of texts, including: ;URL addresses from the Web ;title pages ;glossaries ;indices ;tables of contents, chapter headings

  • Gather and arrange information in a variety of organizational forms, including graphic organizers, simple outlines, notes, and summaries

  • Use technology to publish a variety of works, including simple research reports and book summaries

  • Tell and write about the sources of learned information

3.  Activities:


Day 1 of 2 Day Center Rotations-(20 minutes-2 Groups)

a. Whole Class - Read and discuss Chitimacha Legend Online  How the Great Spirit Made the World Legend

b. Chitimacha PwerPoint

c. Group Rotations (Includes a teacher directed activity, Seat work and computer centers. Days 3 and 4 will be a two day rotation. Days 5-6 will also be a two day rotation.

  • Computer Center: (Teacher will choose what students are expected to complete) The same options will be available on Days 3-4-5-6).


4. Evaluation: Teacher Observation, Kidspiration Print outs, Computer printouts

5.  Homework: Social Studies Test on Louisiana Indian

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