Louisiana Indian Lessons for Students

VII. Louisiana Trail of Indians Days #7  (Print Lesson MS Word or PDF File)


         Describe basic characteristics of maps and globes

         Identify geographical features in the local region

         Identify similarities and differences in communities over time

         Identify sources where historical information can be found and how that information can be used

         Identify and describe the significance of various community landmarks and symbols

         Identify examples of various landforms

         Write legible short paragraphs using proper indentation

         Use standard English punctuation

         Write using standard English structure and usage, including: ;subject verb agreement in simple and compound sentences ;past and present verb tenses ;noun and pronoun antecedent agreement ;transitional words and conjunctions in sentences ;prepositions and prepositional phrases ;possessive nouns ;adverbs, especially those related to time


  1. Test on Louisiana Indians (PDF)

  2. Proofread, edit and correct "Louisiana Indians" paragraph.

  3. Do any of the interactive, students may not have completed during the unit.

4. Evaluation: Test


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