2nd Grade Native American Louisiana Tribe Unit

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Vocabulary Terms

1. tribes- a group of Indians with shared culture and history.
bands – Groups of 4 or 5 families in a tribe.
Poverty Point a large earth bird shaped mound that is three quarters of a mile in diameter. It was created by Indians.  It is a landmark near Epps, Louisiana. It is the 2nd to largest mound in the United States.
villages- are communities formed within a tribe or band.
Louisiana Tribal Nations -  Indian clans or units that the federal government and the state of Louisiana recognize as true Native American Indian tribes.
pirogue- a light boat made by Indians
wampum- beads pierced and strung used for money, ornaments or ceremonies
powwows- big festivals for Native American tribes.  They dance, eat and sing together to show the pride of their tribe and customs.
9. chief – leader of the tribe
10.  Some present day Louisiana Native American Tribes are:

  • Chitimacha Tribe – Tribe located near Charenton, Louisiana. Known for the basket weaving.

  • Choctaw Indian Bands – bands of Choctaw Indians in Louisiana include the Clifton, Jena, Apache and the Apache.

  • United Houma Nations –Indians who live in six communities including Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes.

  • Coushatta Tribe- There are two areas of Coushatta Tribes.  One is near Kinder and the other is near Elton.

  • Tunica Biloxi Tribe- This tribe settled along the Mississippi River and some eventually settled in Louisiana.

  • Caddo Indian Tribe – live near the Red River Part of Louisiana.  A parish in our state is named after them.