Louisiana Indians Lesson:  Louisiana’s Native Americans

Grade 8 Comprehensive Curriculum Link for Unit 4, Activity 2
Louisiana Studies

IActivity 2:  Louisiana’s Native Americans

Activity 2:  Louisiana’s Native Americans (GLEs:  11, 12, 70, 78)


Materials List: Process Guide BLM, teacher-created map of Louisiana, Internet


Divide students into groups to conduct historical research using a variety of sources on Louisiana’s Native Americans during the historical period to 1800. The website http://www.louisiana101.com/hotlinks.html includes links to Internet resources on tribes in Louisiana (e.g., Natchez, Tunica, Houma, Chitimacha, Caddo, Coushatta, Choctaw, Atakapa) and is a good starting place for research.

After completing the research, have students complete the following process guide (view literacy strategy descriptions) concerning Louisiana’s Native Americans (See the Process Guide BLM).

Have each group present its findings using appropriate student-made visuals (e.g., maps, pictures or drawings of artifacts, PowerPoint®). Have the groups also comment on the types of sources they used and tell which were most valuable in their research. The teacher should create a state map and allow students to create a symbol (with tribe name) to represent a unique quality of the tribe (e.g., Caddo: rider on horseback, Natchez: flatheads or “Great Sun,” Atakapa: warrior). Students could expand on the relationships they perceive would have existed between the tribes considering their geographic proximities and characteristics.

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