Louisiana Indians Links for Students

Governor’s Commission on Indian Affairs

Federally Recognized Louisiana Tribes
Chitimacha Tunica/Biloxi Tribe Jena Band of Choctaw Coushatta


State Recognized Louisiana Tribes 


Choctaw – Apache/ Ebarb

Point-Au-Chien Tribe

United Houma Nation


Louisiana/Clifton/Choctaw Tribes

 Isle de Jean Charles Band/ Four Winds

  • Louisiana Choctaw Tribe


  •  Isle de Jean Charles Band

  • Clifton Choctaw Tribe

  • Four Winds Tribe - 1997

More Tribes 
Atakapa-Ishak Nation Natchez Talimali Band Louisiana Choctaw Turtle


  • Talimali Band Apalache of Louisiana

  • Louisiana Choctaw Turtle Tribe

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