Vermilion Parish
"Raising the Bar"

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Promethean Flip Charts to Review for Testing

Vermilion Parish
"Raising the Bar"

Flip Charts - I found some generic flip charts that could possibly be used for testing review? (Not sure, but hated not to send it in case some would be helpful.

Promethean Board Links GENERAL TESTING PAGE

1. Generic Standarized Testing Flip Charts (Several)

2. Preparing for Standardized Tests: Reading Lesson 1 Aimed at Grade 9-11 each lesson teaches two tested skills and walks students through answering standardized test questions

3. THIS Jeopardy Template was uploaded in December of 09.

Jeopardy Template for Flip Chart

4. FOR HS GED Jeopardy 1

You can download the flip chart viewer on your white boards and do some activities with markers, etc. FREE FLIP CHART VIEWER SITE@



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"Raising the Bar"

Vermilion Parish Schools

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