Celebrating Louisiana's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Louisiana!

Louisiana Bicentennial Information

 Technology Ideas

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Video Ideas

  • Digital Stories: Have students contact grandparents or older adults about old family stories and have them video it, record it or write about it. (Louisiana Folktales type of project.)

  • Create a video about Louisiana's Celebration (or any topic concerning LA)

  • Have the students sing "Happy Birthday Louisiana" and video it.

  • Have the students sign "You Are My Sunshine" and video it.

  • Write a play about Louisiana and film it. (Example: Governors, Resources, Economics, Population, Festivals, Mardi Gras, LA People, etc.)

  • Create a newscast or report on LA Topics (Past or Current)

  • Conduct Interviews with local politicians.

  • Have students do a choral reading using Louisiana facts.

  • Have students gather information about state symbols and record it.

  • Bicentennial Event.

  •  Have students research and write reports and record them.

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Celebrating Louisiana's Birthday!

Celebrating Louisiana's Birthday!

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