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PowerPoints (Photos Courtesy of the State Department & Wikipedia)

Level 1 Louisiana Governors PowerPoint (Elementary Level)

Level 2 Louisiana Governors PowerPoint (Middle School)

Interactive Quizzes on Governors by Time Periods

Listed below are interactive quizzes on Louisiana Governors by time periods. Each quiz has a reading section in which the students can view details about the Governors of that time period. On the right is a self checking quiz.
Louisiana Governors Quiz (State Dept) Colonial Period (French) Colonial Time Period (Spanish) Statehood (1812-1860)
Civil War Era Military Rule (Post Civil War) 1877-Present Set 1 1877-Present Set 2
More Information and Links
Louisiana Governors

 (Go to the left and click on time periods to see Governor Information)

  • Note: This site also has "audio" profiles the students can listen to. The audio files are available for Governors from 1812 until now. 

  • Go to the left, click on the time period. 

  • Once the page opens, click on the Governor's name. (Name will be hyperlinked)

  • That will bring you to a page with text and a picture. An audio file will begin playing.

List of Governors of Louisiana - Wikipedia



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Vermilion Parish Curriculum Site (Correlates with 2008 Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum)


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Photos in the PowerPoints used are with permission from Governor's Office. Other photos are from Wikipedia's "public domain" collection.


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