Colonial Governors: 1st French Period 1699-1766 & 2nd Period in 1803


Colonial Governors: 1st French Period 1699-1766 & 2nd Period in 1803

Colonial Governors: 1st French Period 1699-1766

Pierre LeMoyne d'Iberville
• Louisiana Governor served 1699-1702
• Iberville may be said to have been the founder of Louisiana.
• He was commissioned by Louis XIV to secure the claims of La Salle on behalf of France, and to explore and colonize the vast Louisiana Territory.

Sauer de Sauvolve
• Served 1699-1700
• Sieur de Sauvolve became Acting Governor when Iberville returned to France to seek assistance for the territory.
• He died of yellow fever in 1701.

Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville
• Born February 23, 1680 – Died March 7, 1767
• Was a colonizer, born in Montreal, Quebec
• Appointed 4 separate times during 1701-1743.
• 1701-1713
• 1716-1717
• 1718-1724
• 1733-1743
• He was a younger brother of explorer Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville.
• Also known as Sieur de Bienville.

Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac
• 1710 – 1716 Governor of Louisiana although he did not arrive in Louisiana until 1713.
• The Cadillac automobile is named in his honor.
• Born in 1658- Died 1730
• Founder of Detroit, Michigan.
• Christened Antoine Laumet.
• When he arrived in New France (Canada) in 1683 at the age of 25, he changed his identity to sieur Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac.

Jean Michiele de L'Epinay
• Governor of the French colony of Louisiana from 1717 to 1718.
• L'Epinay served under Louis XV. His brief administration was marked by the same dissent ions as that of his predecessor.
• L'Epinay was removed as governor in 1718.

Pierre Sidrac Dugue de Boisbriand
• Governor 1725-1726
• Bienville's cousin
• Named interim governor by Louis XV to replace Bienville, who had been recalled to France to answer charges of malfeasance

Étienne Périer
• 1727-1733 Governor
• Perier was named Governor of Louisiana to permanently replace Bienville after his recall to France.
• He served under Louis XV through the time of transition from colony back to royal province status until 1733 when Bienville again returned to office.

Pierre François de Rigaud
• Governor 1743-1753
• Vaudreuil was appointed by Louis XV to succeed Bienville
• Served until 1753 when he left to become Governor-general of Canada.

Louis Billouart, Chevalier de Kerlerec
• 1753-1763
• Kerlerec was appointed governor by Louis XV as a reward for 25 years of distinguished military service.
• Later, returned to France and was jailed in the Bastille for a time before his death in 1770.
• During his term, much of the Louisiana Territory was ceded to Spain by France under the secret treaty at Fountainbleu.

Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie
• Louisiana Governor 1763-1765
• Louis XV continued to direct the affairs in Louisiana because the Treaty of Fontainebleau remained secret and he appointed D'Abbadie to serve a governor.
• In 1765, the king informed him that Louisiana had become a Spanish province and ordered his return to France. He died shortly afterwards in New Orleans on February 4, 1765, before the Spanish occupation forces arrived.

Charles Philippe Aubry
• Louisiana Governor 1765-1766
• Charles Phillipe Aubry served under Louis XV as transitional governor between French and Spanish regimes after Governor

Colonial Governors: 2nd French Period 1803

Pierre Clement de Laussat
• Served as interim governor from November 30 to December 20, 1803.
• Laussat came to Louisiana as Napoleon's representative before the transfer from Spain to France.
• His role was to prepare for the new French governor, General Claude Victor.
• Within weeks, Napoleon changed his mind and ordered negotiations to sell the territory to the United States.