Vermilion Parish Schools
220 South Jefferson Street
P.O. Drawer 520
Abbeville, LA 70510
Phone (337) 898-5714
  Fax (337) 893-7098

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The Child Nutrition Program in Vermilion Parish serves meals each school day to students. The average daily participation is 7200 meals for lunch and 3000 meals for breakfast.. The programs are federally and state regulated under the National Lunch and Breakfast Programs. The parish manages 17 cafeterias sites and two satellite operations.

If assistance is needed contact the Child Nutrition Department at any time. The listing below provides telephone numbers and the areas of responsibility of the CNP staff to help you in obtaining any assistance you may need.


Vermilion Parish Child Nutrition Contact Information
Title/  Location Contact Phone Email
CNP Coordinating Supervisor - Central Office Amy Fremin 337-898-5802
CNP Bookeeper -Central Office Carol Vidrine 337-898-5714
CNP Bookkeeper Purchasing - Central Office Melissa Vincent 337-898-5702
CNP Truck Driver - Central Office Marty Comeaux 337-898-5736  
Cafeteria Manager - Abbeville High School Amanda Domingue 337-893-6454
Cafeteria Manager - Dozier Elementary Vicky Labit 337-937-6293
Cafeteria Manager - Eaton Park Elementary Greta Jackson 337-893-0741
Cafeteria Manager - Erath Middle/Erath High Mary Green 337-937-6721
Cafeteria Manager - Forked Island/E.Broussard Susan Stelly 337-642-9158
Cafeteria Manager - Gueydan High/Jesse Owens Colette Mouton 337-536-9890
Cafeteria Manager - Herod Elementary Melissa Miguez 337-893-2930
Cafeteria Manager - Indian Bayou Elementary Christine Fabre 337-334-2937
Cafeteria Manager - J.H. Williams Middle Mary Willis 337-893-0796
Cafeteria Manager - Kaplan Elementary Judy Leblanc 337-643-1850
Cafeteria Manager - Kaplan High School Angela Leblanc 337-643-1567
Cafeteria Manager - Maurice Elementary Carlise Shelvin 337-893-1407
Cafeteria Manager - Meaux Elementary Rexine Broussard 337-893-8523
Cafeteria Manager - North Vermilion High School Susan Broussard 337-893-4285
Cafeteria Manager - Rene Rost Middle School Cindy Trahan 337-643-6826
Cafeteria Manager - Seventh Ward Elementary Ann Taylor 337-898-0506
Cafeteria Manager-  Leblanc Elementary Gwen Romero 337-937-6926

Online Payments for Student Meals

An on-line payment system is available for use to pay for student's meals.
To create a meal payment account, go to
For more information, call Child Nutrition Services at (337) 898-5714.

This service allows parents to deposit funds directly into their children's school meal account via on-line transactions. In addition to convenience, this system provides several other benefits to parents:
* View student account balance and history
* Email reminders and low balance notifications
* Eliminates check handling

* Daily account posting
* Secure credit card payment transactions
* Student account security and data protection
The following information is needed to create a student account:
* US State: Louisiana
* Student's School District: Vermilion Parish
* Student's School
* Student's ID Number
* Student's Street Address
* Student's Birth Date
* Your email address

Meal Prices and Collection Policies

Informational Links

The Vermilion Parish Public System serves meals each school day. Children in grades PK-5th may buy lunch for $1.70 and breakfast for $1.00. Children in grades 6-12 may buy lunch for $1.75 and breakfast for $1.00. Adults may buy lunch for $3.75 and breakfast for $2.00. (Meal Payment Schedule) If a student has been determined by a doctor to be disabled and the disability prevents the child from eating a regular meal, the school will make doctor-prescribed substitution at no extra charge,. Children also may receive meals for or at a reduced price for $.40 for lunch and $.30 for breakfast.

Charge policies are established by each school principal and/or the cafeteria manager. Students that are not eligible for free meals must pay for meals served. Meal payments can by made at each school with the cafeteria manager. Pre-payments for meals are encouraged.

VPSB Wellness Policy
School Nutrition Association
American Dietetic Association
Food Guide Pyramid
Action For Healthy Kids
American Heart Association
Louisiana DOE Division of Nutrition Assistance
National Food Service Management Institute
Approved Vending List For Schools
Louisiana Office of State Purchasing
LSU Ag Center

Special Dietary Needs Free/Reduced Meal Program
Special diets for students identified by a physician has having a disability that prevents a student from eating a regular meal will be made at each school only when medical certification provided by a physician is provided indicating the disability and the meals needed. Parents may contact the school's cafeteria manager for assistance. Diet Prescription Form In order for a student to receive free or reduced price meals an application must be completed and returned to the student's school, unless that student if directly certified and notified as such. The application must be approved as to eligibility by the central office before a student receives benefits.

An application may be obtained at individual schools or from the central office. Written notification will be sent upon approval of eligibility.

For faster service and status determination, an online application is now available at