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Cecil Picard Elementary @ Maurice

"I choose to teach music because it is a part of our everyday lives and it is the universal language that connects the world together.  I am blessed to teach in a place where music is such an  integral part of the culture."

Professional Experience

  • 1984 - Graduated Muldrow High School, Oklahoma

  • 1989 - Graduated Arkansas Tech University

  • 1989 - Taught in Little Rock, Arkansas, 3 years

  • 1994 - Taught in Greenville, NC, 4 years

  • 1998 - Assembly Christian School, Lafayette, 3 years

  • 2002 - Acadia Parish, 4 years

  • 2006 - Cecil Picard Elementary

  • INTECH trained






Personal Information

  • I am married to Robert Church. We have four wonderful children:
    Jessica, Regan, Austin and Alex.

  • I enjoy traveling, working in my yard, spending time at the beach and scuba diving.



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Cecil Picard @ Maurice Elementary

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Cecil Picard @ Maurice Elementary

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