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Students in the picture are as follows:

bottom- left to right: Richard Jones, Nicholas Montz, Kevin Ellender

middle- left to right: Cameron Clayton, Ashleigh Brindle, and Willow Cook

top- left to right: Jace Miller, Makayla Smith, Lexie Byers, and Anna Breaux

Mrs. Renee Garrot's 6th grade ELA TeenBiz3000 Top 40 Club.  

TeenBiz3000® is the first web-based differentiated literacy solutions that reach every student at his or her Lexile® level. It distributes grade-appropriate assignments to the entire class, but tailors them according to each student's reading level.  

Students at all grade levels made significant gains compared to gains expected with "typical" instruction, making more than one-and-a-half times the expected growth norms. Students who completed at least two reading sessions per week exceeded the expected growth  norms by more than two times.  Students who scored 75% or higher on the multiple  choice activity made the greatest Lexile gains on  average, nearly two-and-a-half times the expected  growth norms.  Students reading two or more years below grade  level exceeded the expected growth norms by nearly  one-and-a-half times. 




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