The mission of Mount Carmel Elementary is to form a faith-filled community which follows the teachings of Jesus, provides excellence in education and encourages a zealous commitment to prayer and service.




We value:

  • education of mind, body and spirit

  • high educational standards

  • preparation of students to meet the challenge of the future with Christian values and attitudes






We value:

  • the presence of Jesus in our lives and the opportunity to respond to His presence

  • Gospel values and attitudes as directed through the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • the example of the Sisters of Mount Carmel, who imitate Our Lady of Mount Carmel through the Carmelite tradition of prayer and action






We value:

  • awareness of the needs of others

  • understanding and acceptance of those of different races and religions

  • development of Christian leadership


Mount Carmel Elementary

405 Park Avenue

Abbeville, LA 70510 337-898-0859