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African Recipes

African Art: Aesthetics and meaning

African Treasures ( insturments)

African Storytelling: Oral Traditions



Storytelling in African Oral Traditions – Griot

African Countries

K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources

African Hotlist


African Art

Impressive collection of African art




National Tile Museum in Lisbon

Influence of diverse cultures seen in tiles displayed.


Sistine Chapel

Look at the famous paintings on the ceiling.


Native American Art

Trophies of Honor gallery at Mississippi State University Art/Technology Links’s “Art/Tech for Teachers” links. 


Notice the “Poetry” collection.  The purpose of this sist
er site to WebMagick follows. ArtMagick is a ‘labour of love’ and is aimed at bringing hitherto obscure paintings, artists and art movements to a wider audience. All images are displayed for the enjoyment of others, and for educational/research purposes.


Go to the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery, said to be the best of its kind on the Web.  The links on this topic alone print out as four pages!  If they have anything of interest to you, follow the extensive links.


Go through “The Doorway” to access the “Art Sparkers.” Several of these activities integrate writing activities with hands-on art.  “Make an Artist Book” is a bookmaking project involving paper bag bookbinding.  This activity also links to instructions for making a concertina book or a pop-up book, methods for Japanese bookbinding, and other enticing things.  The bottom of the page makes suggestions for topics.  Don’t be “put off” by the elementary/middle school tone.  Art is so adaptable.  Just the tip of the iceberg here


Badger’s Medieval Clipart
A small quantity of useful clipart with authentic labels.  These appear when saving.




Bill’s Multimedia Classroom
Real teacher, real kids.  There are tons of Bills out there.


Bud Plant Illustrated Books
A commercial site, but a wealth of inspiration.  Almost the history of book illustration.  Check out Arthur Rackham, Walter Crane, Ivan Bilibin, etc. You’ll be inspired.

Seven pages of links to clipart and other graphics sites ranked by amount of traffic.


Cottage Row

Victorian houses and other architectural elements from mailboxes to gazebos.


Crayola Art Education

Dancing Flame Tavern

Not strictly for the graphics, although there are some, this Medieval food site is easier for kids (and teachers) to deal with than similar sites on the Web.  Others go deeper if you have the time.

A visual search engine.  Follow the graphics back to their original sources. 




Fantasy Clipart Links
A page of links to tie in with Medieval or other units.


You need a search engine, of course.  Go2Net and Metacrawler are the same outfit.
  Just remember “” 


Harps and Pepperpots – Irish Links for Literature
How did this get into a graphics list?  Possibly for the wonderful name.  Well, at least it offers selections from The Book of Kells.  That should be enough.


Incredible Art Department Links

Look around for a minute, then click on “Public Domain Pictures.”



The official Louvre website.  Enough said.





Not only virtual galleries of fine art are to be found here, but resources for art criticism and abundant links to Museums, Artists, and Resources.


Art Studio Chalkboard

This website focuses on technical aspects of art such as perspective.  The links to current art magazines are clearly provided.


Arthurian Artwork

Good links.  This site recommends a trip to Webmagick, for example.  Go there.

Arthurian Artwork

A beautiful site and most useful for the beginning student of Arthurian artwork.  An old favorite.  The author credits Webmagick as the source for most of her artwork, but she deserves credit for organization.


The Arthurian Art Gallery

This great site offers a search by name of artist.


The Quest: An Arthurian Resource

A wealth of information




The Arthurian Art Gallery

A varied collection with a good quantity of modern Arthurian art.  It is well-organized into six subsites including one on “Castles.” This particular subsite is further divided into five sections, but others such as “For the Love of a Maiden” offer even more leads including four on Elaine/Lady of Shalott.  At least one of these threads introduces the researcher to the more obscure Arthurian artist.


Introduction- Camelot Project

This page with its generic title leads to a number a links related to university student’s projects and his sources.  It is of interest for its comprehensive links.  The writer of the Introduction offers a “study” of Arthurian artwork on the Web and a section on “Internet As Culture.”  The artwork section is mainly just a link to The Camelot Project.  His extensive links lead to more extensive links, a goodly number of which are no longer active.


Arthurian Legend in Visual Context

This site with its intriguing title does offer the unusual “oldest known Arthurian artwork” in addition to the usual and expected such as the Winchester round table.  Also unique are photographs of sites with possible Arthurian connections.  The black and white color scheme is well respected here, offering some unique avenues of visual research, which are often overlooked in favor of garishness.


Wicce’s Tarot Collection

An Arthurian deck is offered.  Several debatably nude women.


Arthurian Legend

A find that offers one professor’s personal list of tasks for students after having read the Arthurian legends.  Very promising!


The Arthurian Legends Unit: Tennyson Links (TrackStar)


The Victorian Web “Tennyson and the Visual Arts”


The Victorian Web “The Lady of Shalott”




Exploring Arthurian Legend (Marco Polo)


Medieval England


Britannia’s King Arthur

This site billed as “America’s Gateway to the British Isles” offers Arthurian timelines and biographies.  There are many articles, some original, to be found here.  It seems well-organized for students and even has an interview with noted authority Geoffrey Ashe.


Britannia’s Arthurian Biographies


Artist Menu for The Camelot Project


Victorian Women Writers Project




Barbie’s Incomplete History of Art

The truly hysterical Barbie renditions found here include Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.”  It must be seen to be believed!


Rings of Passion: 5 emotions

A site with artwork to compare and contrast


Suzi’s Stuff
Eventually, you may want to start playing around with your icons, and then your cursors.  It’s actually pretty easy to do – and fun!  Or maybe you want some unique bullets. Good tutorials, too.


SyberGypsy’s Theme Magik
Click on Literature or Shakespeare or Medieval. You can navigate to the “Preview” of any theme you like and save the wallpaper image(s) on a floppy.  Do take the two Shakespeare theme wallpapers.  They are great conversation pieces. 


Web Images for Woolfians
Lovely pastel backgrounds in a site devoted to Virginia Woolf.  Beautiful colors.


Web Museum
Billed as a good site for students/teachers looking for museum-quality art on the Web.  See the “Famous “Paintings” section where you may browse either by artist or by theme.  The “Special Exhibitions” section changes from time to time, but currently features Medieval Art and Paul Cézanne. 


Art Today

Tons of art and clipart.






What’s on the Web?

Clarifies the types of activities that can be found on the web that can be useful in the classroom. It also contains links to example sights for each type of activity. Good place to look for different types of ideas for variety in the classroom.


Franklin Institute’s Educational Hotlists

The comprehensive lists found at this site cover everything from Africa to Museums to Women’s History.  So many sites, so little time!






Foreign Language Links

Spanish teacher’s resource website as well as other languages.

Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student

Learn Spanish from 50+ modules covering

pronunciation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and other themes

A Basic Online Tutorial Site

This site offers various lessons that are appropriate for the internet.

Latin American Network information center is one of the most powerful one-stop travel sites on the Internet providing secure online reservation capabilities for air, car, hotel and vacation reservations, plus access to a vast database of destination and other travel information.



This web site is about the ancient Aztecs and their religious beliefs, their culture and their

 everyday life.  Their religious beliefs include their gods and goddesses and their sacrificial

 victims. Their everyday life includes their eating habits, how they dressed, their schooling and

 their laws. Their technology encompasses their calendars, their farming methods and their

 medical procedures. Their culture contains their music and dance, art, and language. We also discussed the end of the Aztec civiliazation with the arrival of Cortes and of  Spanish Conflict. Its educational objectives are for people to learn more about a different culture of our past world. We had also planned for this to be used by students and

teachers to use for reports or for teaching purposes.

This site is meant to be a tutorial for students or people  with little or no knowledge of spanish. It provides a review of topics such as numbers, colors, months, seasons, and animals. It also has a printable crossword puzzle and an online quiz for each topic to help practice Spanish skills.

Planning a trip to Nicaragua? Before going, check out this extensive site. This excellent web site has something for everyone: maps, tips about hotels, currency, economics,

history, politics, poetry, music, recipes, and more. You can develop a real feeling for the country

when you visit  this web page. Besides English, information from this sit is also in Spanish and Japanese.






The Grammar Gorillas

Games for grammar, math, confusing words, current events, sorting data.


Merriam-Webster’s Vocabulary Builder

Contains roots, prefixes, suffixes, as well as quizzes.


Wacky tales

Wacky tales (mad libs) using parts of speech


Grammar review


Guide to grammar


Site for vocabulary word games 


Sites for word games







Lesson plans and more.



Incorporates Eboard. Lesson plans


Making Connections Home Page

State Department web page with lesson plans, web sites, software recommendations and sample LEAP questions. A search engine is built in to search for above.


The Lesson Plans Page

Cool lesson plans for all disciplines


Teachers.Net Lesson Plans

The Teachers.Net Lesson Bank is your opportunity to share your most precious asset - your teaching ideas and lesson plans! Now your genius and creativity can be used to touch lives around the world, and to help teachers reach students in ways they had never imagined before!


Discovery Channel School – Lesson Plans 7-12

Lesson plans on a number of subjects and a variety of books


Forum Web Units and Lessons

Math lesson plans and activities


Math Lesson Plans

Links to hundreds of lesson plan sites as well as links to board games, activities, & puzzles.




Descriptive Statistics Lesson

An entire lesson on Descriptive Statistics (Introduction to Mode, Median, and Mean)


Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics.

A huge collection of links to lesson plans, especially at the high school level.



CyberGuides are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature. They are designed for the classroom with one online computer. Each CyberGuide contains a student and teacher edition, standards, a task and a process by which it may be completed, teacher-selected web sites and a rubric, based on California Language Arts Content Standards. In the guides, the magenta text indicates the language (or context-appropriate equivalent to the language) of the content standards.


Literature lesson plans





Lesson Plan bank for Social Studies Classes

The intriguing lesson plans include Anthropological Art Lessons and much more.






Aztec Calendar

explains the history behind the calendar & has a calendar converter


Bad Uses of Statistics and Polls



A Brief Catalog of Math Resources

A list of links to internet sites that relate to mathematics

links to on-line calculators (not just math-types)


Calculator City

many links to on-line calculators and converters


Calculators and On-line Math Tools

links to different calculating tools that can be used by students/teachers while on internet


Calendrical Calculations

converters for different types of calendars




Data Sampling

introduces sampling, sampling methods, and bias/error in sampling.  Has an interactive quiz that allows students to self-check.  Links to Cast Your vote site, and other internet resources.


Election of 1936—Stat lab

a college-level lab that can be modified for the high school


Eric Weisstein’s World  of Mathematics

A math resource database with a search function on various math topics


Calculators and On-line Math Tools

links to different calculating tools that can be used by students/teachers while on internet


Introduction to Statistics Sampling

reviews the definitions of basic sampling terms:  population, sampling,  precision, and accuracy


MacTutor History of Mathematics

Includes a mathematicians biographies index, history topics index, birthplace map index, poster (mathematician pictures) index, glossary index, timeline index, quote of the day index, and mathematical societies




Making It Useable—Sampling Bias

explains sampling bias and sources of bias.  It is more of a college-level, and links to more in-depth studies of confidence intervals and other sampling terms.



a links page to different math topics from



Math-Flavored Amusements

has links to math art, fractals, cellular automata, history of math


Pi—Yahoo list

a list from Yahoo that lists links about Pi.


The Prime Page

links to information about various primes, history of primes, largest prime


Quia Mathematics

links to math games and activities; you can create your own games or quizzes free


Sampling—An Exercise in Statistics

describes an activity that uses newspaper articles to search for examples of various sampling terms.


Sampling Bias Background

Explains some ways that sampling bias can occur and links to an activity that asks you to evaluate a sampling scenario for bias and suggest revisions.


Statistics—Cast Your Vote!

Start by completing a survey about polls, then enter the exhibit that leads you through various topics of polling:  random sampling, margin of error, confidence intervals, bias, applications to daily life, and other resources.



internet links for trade, business, and economics


Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics

provides interactive web-based resources on probability and statistics.  Some java applets on some statistics experiments, data collection, and histograms


The World of Math On-line

Has links to activities & lessons for parents and teachers, a math library that lists formulas and other information, and links to mathematicians and math history.



Math History

This website offers a history of math and mathematicians.  Included are different branches of mathematics, mathematicians, and timelines.


NCTM Illuminations

This particular link off of NCTM is an activity dealing with the population of fish in a pond.  It is an internet driven lesson where the entire lesson is provided by following links.


New York Times Articles



Aids in Africa




NSTA Recommended Web Sites

This web site offers information about different ways to estimate a population size of a species in a specific area.  In addition, the site offers other information, but this specifically would be an interesting tie-in with the illuminations trout activity.


Sampling Animal Populations


More Math History


Jumping Frog Lesson


Tessellation Lesson


Volume of a Cylinder Activity


Escher Resources


Frank Potter’s Science Gems

Links to countless science and math web sites.  A great starting point for any search.


Endangered Species Website


Endangered Species Econ Lesson


Endangered Species Student Driven Exploration



Great site for GEE remediation in math and other required subjects for all grade levels.


Coordinate plane

An interactive introduction to basic graphing on a Coordinate Plane.

The activities and discussions in this lesson address the following Standards

 for Grade 8: Number sense, number operations and number relationships

 Patterns, relationships and functions



Maze game

Practice the students' point plotting skills by having them play the

Coordinates! Game  or the Maze game. The games allows users to figure out and to

practice using the coordinate plane for giving the "address" or exact

location of particular points.


Battleship Game


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics



This site is designed to illustrate the new NCTM Principles and Standards for school mathematics.  This site provides Internet resources to improve the teaching of mathematics.


Virtual Library on mathematics


Algebra Help is an online source for help with Algebra.  The web site features lessons to learn or refresh old skills, online calculators that show how to solve a problem step by step, and interactive worksheets to test skills.


Graphing Straight Lines

Graph Applet is a web site that contains a Java applet for graphing straight lines.  It allows the user to enter the slope and y-intercept of a line and view the corresponding graph.




SOS Mathematics Resource

SOS Mathematics is a resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations.  It has more than 2500 math pages filled with short and easy to understand explanations, cyber exams to prepare for tests and a cyber board where one can ask questions.  


Calculator help with Quickmath is a web site that provides calculators to solve various algebra and calculus problems.


Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science

The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse has some of the best selections of K-12 mathematics and science resources on the Internet.  Information on math and science reform and standards, plus math puzzles, games, and links.


Math in Daily Life

Most students question how they will use basic math concepts throughout their lives. This site explains how math impacts daily decision making as it explores math's role in cooking, home decorating, savings and retirement, and more.


Web Math

Sometimes math students need a friend at their elbow (or mousepad) to help them understand how a math formula works. Webmath offers "math problem solvers" that provide immediate solutions to math problems. Users enter data into fields, then click submit, and Webmath shows the steps to working the formula (or give feedback why it can't work). Topics range from calculating tips and figuring sale prices to factoring quadratic equations and graphing.

Lesson plans, career resources, homework help, puzzles, and quizzes.


The Pi Pages

Everything you ever wanted to know about the number pi: its history, how many decimal places it’s been calculated to, and much more.


Biographies of Women Mathematicians

This site illustrates the numerous achievements of women in the field of mathematicians.


Data Sources

This site is a collection of data sets and related documentation, which may be searched by data subjects.


Think Quest

A website that allows students and teachers to create websites for educational use.  It has over 2500 interactive sites that can be accessed by subject areas.


New York Times Math Resource

This site contains real world problems and lessons in mathematics.


Data Source

This site contains real world statistics.



Illuminations  Principles and Standards for School Mathematics

Site to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.



Free math games or create your own.




Math Forum

The Math Forum is the comprehensive resource for math education on the Internet. Some features include a K-12 math expert service (Dr. Math), Discussion Groups, Forum Showcase, Internet Newsletter, Problems of the Week, Teacher2Teacher, Internet Mathematics Library, Math Resources by Subject (an extensive database of math sites), Math Education, and Key Issues in Math, and Web Units & Lessons


Ask Dr. Math

Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for K-12 math students and their teachers. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, as well as summaries of Frequently Asked Questions (the Dr. Math FAQ).


Budget simulation game


Math Den

Part of the Digital Education network, this site offers weekly math question sets for students from grades 7 to 12. Also includes links, a math challenge, and more.


Trotter Math

Not your usual sort of "school math" topics, at least not presented in the same way.  It contains, by and large, "Trotter Math".  That is stuff that interests me in particular, and that has proved to be interesting to students that have been exposed to my style of lessons and activities.



Internet Math Library Of Math Videos


Math Goodies

Math Goodies is a free educational web site featuring interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, message boards, and more!  We have over 400 pages of free math activities and resources for teachers, students, parents, and homeschoolers.


Math Goodies – Reference sites

Math reference sites


problem of the week homepage

Numerous sites.




Math Stories

Word problems mostly <10th grade


The Online Math Tutor

Free online math tutor



This site is composed of many math "fill-in-forms" into which you can type the math problem you're working on. Linked to these forms is a powerful set of math-solvers, that can instantly analyze your problem, and when possible, provide you with a step-by-step solution, instantly! At Webmath, you don't have to wait for an email response or post your question to an electronic bulletin board and hope someone will answer it. You can get the answer to your math problem right here, right now!



Project MATHEMATICS! produces videotape-and-workbook modules that explore basic topics in high school mathematics in ways that cannot be done at the chalkboard or in a textbook. The tapes use live action, music, special effects, and imaginative computer animation. They are distributed on a nonprofit basis.


Wonderful Ideas

Wonderful Ideas is a newsletter that features wonderful ideas for teaching, learning, and enjoying mathematics. At the site, we have a collection of activities, games, and problems for teachers and students to print out for their math class. The math activities are geared for elementary and middle school students and teachers. Classroom activities focus on creative problem solving, hands-on thinking, math manipulatives, and cooperative learning. All activities are tied into the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics.  Included at the site are three activities: Painted Faces, The Factor Game, and Operation Fill-ins. Also at the site you can find Wonderful Ideas subscription information, an entry blank and information for our "Create a Function Machine" contest, Writer's Guidelines for submitting articles, and Kids' Corner math problems.


Math Sites for Middle School Teachers. A+ Math

This web site features problems, games, and a bulletin board where students can post questions and...  EXCELLENT!!


A Chronology of Mathematicians

Can access Main index, Biographies Index, History Topics Index, Famous curves index, Mathematicians of the day, Anniversaries for the year, Birthplace Maps.  Allows for comments and searches.


The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive

The archive includes: Biographies Index, History Topics Index, Famous curves index, Mathematicians of the day, and Search the archive.




Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education

A well-known K-12 math and science site.  Each month Eisenhower puts the spotlight on what they feel are the best K-12 math and science resources available. Each site is briefly annotated and a year long archive is kept, which means that book marking the site will give educators access to over 150 quality math and science sites at all times


The Learning Wave

A producer of high quality, award-winning videos, CD-ROMs and other supplementary materials for math education. Under the name HRM Video we've produced innovative programs including our middle school math mysteries, applications-based high school videos, and math tutorials.


Learning Wave Online

Learning Wave Alpha contains 3 sections: a topics section, a problem section, and a tools section. The topics section provides explanations, examples, and interactive practice for each topic listed. The problem section has interactive challenges that motivate and engage the learner, while providing a compelling reason to master the mathematical skill emphasized in each problem.  The tools section contains a variety of interactive mathematical devices that can be utilized with the problems within the site and any time an outside problem requires them.


NOVA Online: The Proof

Explore mathematicians' efforts to crack Fermat's Last Theorem, a supposedly unsolvable equation.

Lesson plans, career resources, homework help, puzzles, and quizzes.


Curious and Useful Math

Multiplication and division tricks, famous math tales, word problems, and other curious and useful math oddities.



A directory of math sites. Includes sections on humorous math games and tricks, teacher resources, math information, and tools and software.


Math Is Way Cool

A National Public Radio program exploring our current fascination with numbers.  Listen to this radio show on the Web in RealAudio format. Requires RealAudio Player.



A project of the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory, this site has puzzles, a glossary, and special topics on math concepts such as infinity, graphs, and algorithms.




SAMI: Science and Math Initiatives and the Teacher Help Service

A vast collection of resources relating to math and science education. Includes sample curricula, information on standards, and much more.


Absurd Math Interactive

Use your math skills to navigate through this bizarre world, dodging the thought police as you try to unravel the secrets of problem solving. A pop-up "mathulator" (calculator) helps you move from level to level.


The Numeracy Home Page

Links, puzzles, and other numeracy activities for adults designed to encourage interest in math.


The Man Who Makes Sense of Numbers

A Fortune article describing the work of Yale professor Edward Tufte, whose mission is to improve the way we visually present data and information.



The official Louvre website.  Enough said.



Not only virtual galleries of fine art are to be found here, but resources for art criticism and abundant links to Museums, Artists, and Resources.


Art Studio Chalkboard

This website focuses on technical aspects of art such as perspective.  The links to current art magazines are clearly provided.


Math for Morons’ Math Links

A list of links to some of our favorite math sites.

LightSpan’s StudyWeb Links for Learning



Using the Pythagorean Theorem                   

You've just shown the Pythagorean theorem works. Formal proofs show that the theorem is true not just for this triangle but for all right triangles. Once you know the equation a2 + b2 = c2 is true, then you can use it to solve all kinds of problems.


Divisibility Rules

Why do these 'rules' work?


The Next Billion

In 1999 the world population passed the 6 billion mark. In this lesson, students predict when it will reach 7 billion.


QuickMath Automatic Math Solutions

QuickMath allows students to get instant solutions to all kinds of math problems, from algebra and equation solving right through to calculus and matrices.


GCSE Mathematics Department

Links to tutorials and Easy Start Lessons


Explore Math Multimedia activities

Our Shockwave™ Activities create real-time correlations between equations and graphs that help students visualize and experiment with many of the major concepts from Elementary Algebra through Pre-Calculus.


Prime Factorization Machine

Generates the prime factorization of a number


Prime Number Generator

This script generates a list of prime numbers.

New online activity site; lesson plans using LEGO® (and other) hands-on materials


Summer Math 2000

An Internet Hotlist on Summer Math


Interactive Math Activities

These activities listed below are designed for either group or individual

exploration into concepts from middle school mathematics.


Project Interactivate

"Interactivated" lessons, discussions, and activities enable the teacher to extend hands-on activities.




A Fresh Slice of PI

Students will use the measurements of circular objects to discover the relationship between the circumference and diameter of circles using a spreadsheet application. They will also use the TI-92 graphing calculator to create circles and calculate the circumference diameter ratio.


Planning a Fundraiser

This lesson serves as an alternative to the traditional methods so commonly used to teach students how linear equations are found. Students will use a story problem to develop the equation for a line and graph the line. Students will use media other than pencil and marker to create a poster graph. Students will use data generated to do a statistical plot on the graphing calculator.


Functional Real Estate

This lesson allows the student to use real world data to derive a linear equation. The data collected will be used to answer questions on average cost per square foot, land values, and to predict the cost of various sized houses.

TrackStar: TI Graphing Calculators

Math Lessons Database from MSTE

birthday problem intro

birthday explanation


Can’t Live Without It!

Internet based lesson plan in mathematics


SOS Mathematics Homepage




A collection of useful calculators on the Web, from tools for calculating your debt repayment to ones for figuring how much life insurance you need.




Retire on a Bundle: The Magic of Compound Interest

This compound interest calculator figures how much money you'll have if you continue to make deposits into your account over the years. You can also read quick tips on investing and saving for retirement.




An online source for help with algebra that uses some of the latest technology to help you learn and understand algebra. The website features lessons to learn or refresh old skills, calculators that show you how to solve problems step-by-step, and interactive worksheets to test your skills.


QRMS Student Resources

Quantitative Reasoning and Math Skills is a mathematics class designed to aid the liberal arts student in obtaining the tools necessary to critically examine mathematical concepts used within our society. As the course name implies, there are two parts to this course - separate but complimenting each other.  Quantitative Reasoning: an examination of  mathematics as a way of thinking, as opposed to simply applying methods that includes listening about and discussing concepts during class, thinking about mathematical ideas, researching assigned topics, and expressing your ideas and discoveries in writing.  Math Skills: range from basic arithmetic to working with functions and equations.


Math Form Algebra Problem Of The Week Archive


Algebra Modules and lessons.

Looking for practical algebra lessons?


College Algebra Lectures and Quizzes


Purple Math – Your Algebra Resource

Homework Guidelines, or "How to suck up to your teacher."/ Algebra links, or "Yes Virginia, there really ARE good algebra sites."/ Algebra Modules, or "How do you REALLY do this stuff?"/ Math Study Skills Self-Survey, or "Do I have what it takes?"


Consumer Math

Edmund's Do-It-Yourself Guide to Leasing

Advice on leasing from Edmund's, a consumer-oriented car information service.


Automobile Leasing: The Art of the Deal

A guide to the terms and concepts of automobile leasing.


Learning the Leasing Lingo

A Consumer Reports glossary of car leasing terms.



Research the MSRPs, residual values, and other information for numerous car makes and models.


Bank Rate Monitor

This informative site monitors information such as banking news and average credit card rates and terms.




Math in Daily Life

Most students question how they will use basic math concepts throughout their lives. This site explains how math impacts daily decision making as it explores math's role in cooking, home decorating, savings and retirement, and more.



Here is an exciting new way for teenagers to learn about the stock market!  MainXchange is an educational Internet-based virtual stock market simulation game that rewards teen investors with cool prizes for investing 100,000 "virtual dollars" in publicly traded companies. The site includes many of the resources found on fee-based online brokerage services used by adults, such as stock quotes, charts, news headlines and portfolio management templates.


Math Art

Math Art and Philosophy.

Beautiful portfolio and great attitude about the meaning of math art. Check out his studies pages. Peter Wang is a true math artist (potter) from Cal Tech.


The Mathematical Art of M. C. Escher

Explore the art of M.C. Escher, who used math ideas to create beautiful—and seemingly impossible—images.  Includes an introduction, tessellations, polyhedra, the shape of space, the logic of space, and a self-reference.  Contains many Escher creations in color and black and white.


George W. Hart

Hart is an artist/mathematician whose art is reflected in geometric designs.



Bureau International des Poids et Mesures

This organization's site (available in French or English) features metric conversion charts, standards information, and more.


Metric Conversion Card

Use this easy chart to convert inches to centimeters, pounds to kilograms, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and more.




Coordinate Plane & Slope

Math for Morons-Pre-Alg-Graphing

This page is designed to help you better understand, work with, and draw graphs.  Scroll down or use the links below to begin understanding graphing.


Slopes and The Derivative

Sample Problems involving slope, rate and ratios as well as linear graphs and their slopes.


What’s my Line?

Activities Integrating Ti-82 Into Algebra


Slope of a Line

A Potpourri of Activities for Algebra Using the TI-82/83


Interactive Math Lesson on slope

Using distance between two cities and trig ratios


When is a Line Not a Line?

Math Activity for students


Graphing and the Coordinate Plane

This lesson is designed to introduce students to graphing ordered pairs of numbers on the coordinate plane.


Mr. Bunge's Algebra Practice Pages

Lesson 3-2: Finding the Slope of a Line Segment


Introduction to Slope for Middle Years Mathematics


Get Into Line!

This unit is designed for the Math 10 Core course unit on Linear Relations. It covers seven sub-units dealing with the basics of graphing, the graphs of linear equations, the characteristics of a line, the writing of linear equations, and three areas of applications: direct and partial variation, arithmetic sequences and series, and scatterplots.


Slope lesson

slope and Line equations lesson with text and a few examples.





A Common Book of Pi

Facts, formulas, and articles about pi from a mathematics professor.


The Pi Pages

Everything you ever wanted to know about the number pi: its history, how many decimal places it's been calculated to, and much more.


The Pi Trivia Game

Think you know everything there is to know about pi? Try this trivia game and test your knowledge.


Statistics & Probability


How accurate is polling? Find out about statistics concepts through the case study of a fictional election.


U.S. Census Bureau

A large collection of government statistics and articles on census controversies, population growth, and demographics. Don't miss the up-to-the-minute U.S. and world population clocks.


The Chance Database Welcome Page

Teaching aids, supporting links, sample syllabi, and other materials to help teachers present probability and statistics lessons in the classroom.


Project Blue

A probability tutorial from the University of Washington. Explore the "Gambler's Fallacy," probability in decision making, and other topics.


Probability Activities Sampler

An Internet Sampler on Probability Activities



An interactive data-gathering tool where a spinner is simulated to allow comparison results with theoretical results.


Dice Table simulation


Against All Odds: Lesson Plan

Students will be very briefly introduced to the concept of probability and then placed into a group-learning situation. The group will be asked to present a report that develops a new game of chance to be used with new players.






Smithsonian Web site

A useful jumping off place to tour areas in the Smithsonian-some virtual tours are offered.


National Endowment of the Humanities


Teaching Zack to Think

It is essential that students also learn how to validate the information found on the web.


The Mental Edge

The Mental Edge website features reviews for almost all subject areas at all learning levels—good for any subject area.  Features quizzes on a variety of topics.


Whadd’ya Wanna  Be?

A web quest on careers


QuickTime Virtual Reality in the Classroom

A first attempt and follow-up activities to understanding the use of QuickTime VR in the classroom.


Bookmark Converter

This is a web site with converters for bookmarks between Netscape and Internet Explorer.


Comprehensive Louisiana website


The New York Times Learning Network site


Daily Advertiser website




USA Today website


AP Wire website


AP Wire website


NBC news website

An essay regarding best practices in effective schools


Color personality quiz


Sports Medicine page






FreeEnglish Website

An English teacher’s website—filled with games, quizzes, etc.


Odyssey Online

Odyssey Online is a journey to explore Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and sub-Saharan African cultures. You'll find museum objects from the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. You can make your own discoveries through cool puzzles, games, and worksheets.


A Storytelling Festival

This site offers oral storytelling skills for students from the native American tradition, adaptable to other cultures including our own.


Online study guides for literature


How to read a poem


Poetry sites


Poetry online 


Online games for English 


Famous quotes 


English resource page




Literature terms

Definitions of literary terms

Definitions of literary terms… this one is perhaps more comprehensive than the other sites, but I found both useful as they have some different terms.


How to read a poem


Quiz Site

Quizzes on William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet as well as other literature and other disciplines available with a search engine.


The Odyssey

Choose a character in the Odyssey. You then map your way through the story by choosing the events that happen to that character in the order in which they occurred.


A Lesson Before Dying Teacher’s Guide

A Lesson Before Dying and Ernest J. Gaines information and questions to use while reading.


The story behind the story

An Internet Hotlist on To Kill a Mockingbird




The English WEB Channel

An Internet Hotlist of great English sites


Robert Frost web page


The Great Gatsby Overview lesson plan

Lesson on The Great Gatsby; Activities and links


Great project for The Great Gatsby

Create a magazine as if it were being published in the 1920s. It contains information based on facts but fictionalized to include characters from The Great Gatsby.


 “Battle of the Books” lesson plan

Give students a list of books to read. Students are divided into teams and are told to read as many books on the list as possible. They do not all have to read the same book. At the end of a designated amount of time, the groups sit together and the teacher poses questions about the book or gives quotes from the books on the list. The group that has the most points for answering the most questions correctly receives a pizza party, gift certificates, or something else.


“The Lady or the Tiger” lesson plan

Lesson on the justice system in The Lady or the Tiger?


Cool Vocabulary lesson plan

A new and creative way to introduce vocabulary


Cyber English websites


Bartleby’s – Great Books Online

Internet publisher of literature, reference, and verse providing students, researchers, and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge.  Contains Reference, Verse, Fiction, and Nonfiction.


Willa: An American Snow White

Site for an American folktale – teacher’s guide, lesson plans, activities, etc.  Willa – An American Snow White  (sub plot includes Romeo and Juliet theme)


American Photography: A Cultural Identity

A photo essay of migrant farmers in the early 1900’s – a good topic for essays


Examples of figures of speech


American verse project


Poetry, etc. Romanticism


William Blake poetry 


Julius Caesar sites


Discovery Channel – School: lesson plans

Animal Farm lesson plans

Gulliver’s Travels lesson plan

Pride and Prejudice lesson plan




Trackstar websites

Trackstar on chivalry

Trackstar on legends and folk tales

Macbeth trackstar

An Introduction to Shakespeare


Biography on Edgar Allen Poe


Selected Works by Edgar Allen Poe


Greek Drama

This gives a definition of a tragic hero and serves as a good basis for discussion/study guide for student research.

Information on the nature and structure of Greek drama and specifically tragedy…this will also aid in student research.

Greek Drama this is a course syllabus from Pine Crest High School that contains useful introductory information on many other areas as well.

This is a Greek Drama Web Site for schools; it has research information for students  and teachers to access.

This site has information on Sophocles.  It includes study guides for several plays.

Essay on the history of Greek Tragedy and Aristotle’s definition

This site has book notes for a variety of literary texts including Antigone.

link to Greek Stage info

link to Greek Drama

History of Greek Drama some definitions

Good essay on Greek Drama and other class notes helpful…course syllabus for    

English IV posted on the Web

Greek Tragic Conventions- listing of terms used in teaching Drama

This is an online site for lesson plans, the one here is Antigone.

The Antigone Game is a good summary of the chronological events in the play.

Classics Technology Center Antigone and Greek Drama information

This is a Web site titled “Antigone: is this an attitude or what?” Great ideas for


This is the home page for the Web site for Antigone that looks like a great





Medieval Sources

Geoffrey Chaucer – background, works, additional sources

A virtual tour of Canterbury

A reader friendly version of the General Prologue and 16 tales

List of sites to help with Medieval or Renaissance research, especially for Renaissance fairs.

Definition of “Renaissance”

Anthology of legends - Includes Robin Hood, Beowulf, fairy tales, King Arthur, and many more.

Le Morte d’ Arthur lesson plan from the Discovery channel

King Arthur’s Legends Lesson plan *

Wife of Bath Lesson plan

Web site dedicated to Geoffrey Chaucer

Arthurian Legends Lesson plans *

Canterbury Tales Lesson plans *

what is a folk tale?

what is lore and legends?

definition of folktale, legends, myths

compare/contrast essay, folk art and lore

Site for Medieval Literature

analyzing a hero’s tale, or creating you own legend*




Shakespeare Links

“You Kiss by the Book”: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Lesson plan for Romeo and Juliet- understanding poetic form and an analysis of Shakespeare’s language.


Shakespeare and the Globe: Then and Now

Contains information on Shakespeare, the Globe, the Elizabethan era, etc. Looks like it could be a good sight. Contains views of the Globe Theatre from several angles.


William Shakespeare of Stratford-Upon-Avon

Contains Elizabethan food and customs.

William Shakespeare

A concise biography of the life, works, and photos.


Shakespeare Biography Quiz


Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre: Then and Now

An animated tour of the Globe Theatre


Romeo and Juliet Newspaper

Create a newspaper based on Romeo and Juliet


Other Shakespeare Sites

Great Shakespeare site. Include information on the plays, quotations, and the Globe.

Mac Beth, as written for Abbott and Costello, or Scots on the Rocks

Shakespearean insult generator

Shakespeare Matchmaker, Sonnet Quiz, Shakespeare Hangman

Shakespeare on the Internet

Lady Mac Beth seizing the daggers -

Renaissance wedding traditions (to use with Romeo and Juliet).

Good study of Renaissance period

Renaissance festival

Hotlist on Julius Caesar

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

Words coined by Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s globe theater 

Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare and the Internet




Lord of the Flies Links

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies lesson plan from Discovery Channel

Lord of the Flies in-depth


Beowulf Links

Beowulf site

Electronic Beowulf database

Trackstar on Beowulf


Titanic sites for teaching A Night to Remember: -excellent info on Titanic, including “photo mosaic” of

the ship, FAQs, history, discovery, research, passenger lists, artifacts, etc.  Very comprehensive and professional. -Encyclopedia Britannica’s site on Titanic.  Contains general info,

but links you to more info about famous passengers.  More text than pics, but a good place to start. -Nice photo collage from Encyc. Brit. -Discovery Channel’s site

on raising of the Titanic.  Good color photos of the actual ship after its recovery.  Map explains parts of a ship.  Includes video of “sinking,” but I couldn’t get it to work (uses Real Video).  Also includes “Ask the Experts.” = e-mail experts with your questions! -Info about the movie.  Contains lots of downloadable

screen savers and you are supposed to be able to e-mail a “Marconian” message, but I couldn’t get it to work. -The site of the Titanic's builder has

photographs and a plethora of lesser known Titanic information.  Great shopping site, as you can purchase Titanic memorabilia! -Brief introduction to the history of

the Titanic with an emphasis on legendary, as well as lesser-known, anecdotes and facts. Provides a thoughtful selection of photographs illustrating the construction and interior of the Titanic, accompanied by detailed deck plans for most of the ship. Includes consideration of lingering questions regarding historical rumors and key decisions made by the Titanic crew members. -Examination of newspaper

treatments of the Titanic's sinking. Offers headline coverage in addition to inaccurate and misleading reporting, editorial cartoons, and analysis of dominant themes, such as "Man vs. Nature...Nature Wins" and "High Society on the High Seas." Provides original text and illustrations as well as passenger lists and an original map of the location of the disaster. -Musical site.  Contains very good information about the orchestra aboard the Titanic.  Also has pictures and musical samplings of the tunes probably heard aboard the ship.  Unfortunately I couldn’t download these samples. -Interesting short articles on the shipwreck, but

no pictures.




Teaching The Giver:

The Giver

Definition of utopian society, with info on Sir Thomas More

Teaching guide for The Giver

Crossword puzzle for The Giver


Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM):

Explanation of allusions and idioms to To Kill a Mockingbird

More good stuff on TKAM

Hotlist for TKAM

Good trackstar for TKAM


The Outsiders

Teaching The Outsiders

Teaching guide for The Outsiders

Anticipation guide and lesson plans for Outsiders


Other Good Sites for Literature:

King Arthur lesson plans!

Mythology encyclopedia

Lots of sites for teaching English

Hotlist on teaching Of Mice and Men 

Interesting article that rejects Holocaust actually occurred!







Astronomy calculator

provides general information about the phases of the moon & planets


Biopolymer Calculator

calculate molecular weight for a single strand nucleic acid


Bones and Shoes

an article about current developments in searching for Amelia Earhart, using bone size

Forensic Science Communications

The FBI site has published its journal (same name) on-line.  Search through back & current issues, link to other forensic sites


Forensic Science Society

has information on careers in forensics and a link search function


Osteo Interactive

tutorial on bone studies



has links to journals, searches, other web sites, and tutorials


Seti At Home

help SETI analyze space noise for radio transmissions


Today’s Space Weather

has links to current data about space phenomena




All About Atoms

a brief description of the atom, especially the nucleus, including 3-D pictures and basic information.


Atom and Atomic Theory

A detailed article with numerous links describing the development of atomic theory, beginning with Dalton.  Includes 17 section topics, including the bright line spectrum, atomic size and weight, the nucleus, radioactivity, energy emission and absorption, to name a few.



describes Aristotle’s problems with Democritus’ atom theory


Atoms and Elements

A very broad site with topics ranging from the atom to the mole and molarity.  An excellent 8-page course on the development of atomic theory.



the accidental discovery of radioactivity detailed


Cathode Ray Tube Uses

uses of the cathode ray tube

Chemistry Animations

collection of chemistry topics, activities in animated form



biography on Democritus


Einstein: Quantum and the Cosmos I

Brief summary of the work of several noted scientists in the field of quantum mechanics.  Includes biographies of Bohr and Heisenberg.


Electromagnetic Radiation

a brief description of EMR and a link to a pictorial EMR spectrum illustrating frequency, energy, and wavelength trends.


General Chemistry Online:  Dalton’s Theory




Gold foil Experiment

great site on gold foil experiment


Greek Concept of the Atom


Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

A brief introduction to quantum mechanics including atomic orbital shape diagrams, bright line spectra, and Schrodinger’s equation.


Measure 4 Measure

This site provides connections to calculation and graphing processs given particular mathematical and scientific concepts; a good place to check manual calculations.



Particle Adventure

An excellent site detailing the standard model of the atom, with lots of information on subatomic particles.


Science Ed at Jefferson Lab

Includes activities and interactive element games, including symbols, names, element math, etc.


Quantum Theory

A detailed article with a few illustrations concerning the quantum theory.  Sub-topics include wave and particle theory, probability, development of the quantum theory, the quantum atom, current research and applications. .Many links


Thomson’s Plum Pudding Model

atomic theory and model advancements



The Science Court CD-ROM series for schools mixes animated courtroom drama with hands-on science activities and a proven learning process to teach kids fundamental science concepts.

images and descriptions of cells

Web site with information and graphics on animal and planet cells.

A collection of questions taken directly from the Cells alive! Content and touching on the areas of cell biology, immunology, microbiology and parasitology.

On-line Biology book glossary

An introduction to the scientific method

The K-12 education webguide helps teachers, students and parents find quality educational resources.

Hyperlinked periodic table that allows the user to click on a particular element, and get a very detailed summary.

plant cell (elodea)10x

plant cell (elodea)40x

animal cheek cell 40x

animal cheek cell 10x

history of cells

cell anatomy

animal and plant cells

“Excell at Cell” – Basic information

healthcare career resource center




This is a great resource to use when introducing solutions and solubility.

You can use this website to solve a number of chemistry related problems.

The Chem. Team provides study resources in all standard topics for students in high school and Advanced Placement chemistry.

This site contains a variety of chemistry lesson plans.

This site contains a quick and easy lab experiment dealing with an acid base reaction.

This site contains great information on the subject of chemistry.

Valuable site when used while teaching molarity and solutions.



El Nino~

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s El Nino page.


Science Court

The Science Court CD-ROM series for schools mixes animated courtroom drama with hands-on science activities and a proven learning process to teach kids fundamental science concepts.


Science Netlinks

Comprehensive homepage for science educators in grades K-12.


Seti at Home

Site where you can help listen for extra-terrestrials.






Interactive Periodic Tables:

The following sites are interactive periodic tables that contain useful information on the elements.  Though by no means exhaustive, I have found these particular interactive periodic tables particularly useful within the classroom.


·        ChemGlobe Periodic Table of the Elements:

·        Chemical An Online Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements:

·        Molecule Man’s Cyber-rific Periodic Table of the Elements:

·        Pictorial Periodic Table:

·        Steve Marsden’s Chemistry Home Page:

·        Visual Elements Periodic Table:

·        WebElements™ Periodic Table:

·        YOGI’S Behemoth Periodic Table of Elements:


Sites devoted to General Science:

Acadiana Research Laboratory:

This site provides details of the particle accelerator located in Lafayette, LA.  Informative and extremely useful in the classroom.

Bad Science:

This site is dedicated to preventing “bad science ideas” from being disseminated within the classroom.  Humorous yet thought-provoking.


The title is self-explanatory: This site helps students with chemistry concepts.  Also helps teachers find new ways of teaching the same old material.

Chemystery: An Interactive Guide to Chemistry:

Designed by students and teachers, this site is nothing short of amazing for fresh ideas and tutorial help in the area of chemistry.  A dynamic site that is often updated.

History of Periodic Chart:

Rich in detail and textural information, this site is a useful research tool for students and teachers alike.  Contains a lot of photographs and information on some of the peripheral figures as well as the major ones.



HyperChemistry on the Web:

Another excellent thinkquest site devoted to chemistry.  Provides interesting ideas for labs and new ways of approaching chemistry concepts.

Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashiri:

The demonstration master’s webpage.  In addition to great demonstrations and lab ideas, Shakhashiri also provides useful chemistry information that is updated regularly.

Technology of Uselessness:

A thought provoking essay on technology which every teacher and student should read and contemplate.  Very useful when having students confront the societal impact of technology.

Science Clip Art by Loreto College:

There is a dearth of good science clip art available on the Internet—a problem some sites are beginning to recitfy.  This one contains some free science clipart that is excellent to spice up web pages or Power Point presentations.




Science Court

The Science Court CD-ROM series for schools mixes animated courtroom drama with hands-on science activities and a proven learning process to teach kids fundamental science concepts.

An online exploration of the heart containing structure and function.

Guides to other sites about the human body

Diagrams of the human body

Links to many different science lessons

Interior and exterior views of the heart

A guided tour of the visible human



Pumping heart

Punnett Square practice

Mitosis tutorial

Mitosis tutorial

Mitosis animation

Genetics practice with Punnett Squares

Slides of mitosis

Details of the Scopes Monkey Trial.  Very useful in the teaching of evolution.

Very good site to originate a debate of creationism versus evolution

Site describing the biomes of the earth.  Probably best suited for  middle school.


The Audubon Zoo


San Diego Zoo

Good classroom ideas for Biology as well as other


Texas Monarch Butterfly Project

Suggestions for developing a curriculum for the study of butterflies


Frank Potter’s Science Gems

Great links to all categories in science




The Tree of Life

Information about the diversity of organisms on the earth; uses a tree to connect all organisms to each other


No-Mark Labs

Two activities for students in which there are no right or wrong answers; procedures are stressed but not the actual answers (osmosis and reverse engineering)


Scientific Ethics

Two projects in which students deal with ethical questions in the field of  good and bad science


Science Doesn’t Kill People..People Kill People

Reasons to study science


Genetic Science Learning Center

Thematic units involving the study of genetics; includes online and hands-on activities


The Basics:  What is Science?

Explanations of what the study of science is all about



Alien Earth:  About Amphibians

Definition of amphibian, characteristics, and examples


Animal Facts:  Amphibians

Characteristics and pictures


Awesome Amphibians, Remarkable Reptiles

Lists the major characteristics of amphibians


Science News Online

Common pesticides that led to decline of amphibian population


Declining Amphibian Populations

Suggestions for the causes of amphibian decline; from the Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force


Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Working Group

Explains connection between pesticides and frog deformities




Aliens Exterminate Amphibians

How introduction of aquatic organisms played a part in the decline of amphibian populations


The Impact of Invasive Species on Reptiles and Amphibians

Altering habitats and the effects on native populations



A mystery story with interactive clues to help figure out why frogs are becoming extinct in your town


Microbe Zoo

Digital learning center for microbial ecology




Online Biology Book


Hello Dolly Activity

Graphing calculator activity involving probability & the Punnett Square


Human anatomy

Display of body parts and how they work and interact


The Interactive Frog Dissection- An Online Tutorial


A valuable preparation tool or even a useful substitute for laboratory dissection.


Anatomy of the human body

Cut outs of brain, elbow, arm, hand, knee, and  foot


Nova’s map of the human heart


Interactive human heart


Human Biology Internet Resources


Biology Internet Resources


B Cells and T Cells

Describes types of blood cells produced by the body and provides information and diagrams of the lymphocytes




Blood Cells and the CBC

A document in five parts on blood cells and diseases of the blood; written in rather technical language


Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells

Characteristics of life; eukaryotic vs. prokaryotic cells; characteristics of cells; organelles found in the eukaryotic cell


Types of Cells

Introduction to the different types of cells


Animal and Plant Cells

Introduction to plant and animal cells and the similarities/differences between the two


Gondar Design Biology

Brief notes and hand-drawn diagrams on basic biological topics


GCSE Investigations

Explanations for grading investigative papers in the science classroom; could be used in creating a rubric


The World of Science Biology Center

Connections to cells, photosynthesis, mitosis, DNA, and ecosystems


DNA From The Beginning

Animated, pictorial history/information about Mendel and his work with genetics


What is DNA?

Definitions, structure, and function of DNA; includes information of the types of RNA and their functions as well






Information and Communication Skills--Searching


All One Search

Web site with access to over 500 different search engines all at one site. Great way to access the web.



A multi-search engine that takes queries and searches several search engines at once, including AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, and Yahoo.



A site, which will validate web pages according to links.


Metacrawler Search Engine

Favorite searches and resources



Covers several search engines at once.



Favorite of many; easy to use.



Commercial free search engine.







Election of 1948—“Dewey Defeats Truman”

The article discusses reasons for error in printing this headline

In the Chicago Tribune.


Literary Digest Poll of Election of 1936

the article discusses the problems with the poll


Mundo Maya

history, crafts, archaeology, legends, and daily life of the Mayan culture


Public Opinion Polls

a slide show that reviews sampling procedures, bias, and margin of error


US Department of Commerce

links to government agencies that deal with economics and trade, some publications,


United States History—Presidents & Elections

Contains election statistics and presidential trivia for presidents.


The Battle of Gettysburg,1863

This site has a brief description of the battle.

Military History Online

It has a good description of battles like Gettysburg and maps.




Three Days at Gettysburg

Excellent site.  It has a good detailed description of the battle.  Leads off with the Gettysburg Address.  Includes a casualty chart.  Has many diaries and essays.


Photographic Tour of Gettysburg

Has pictures of the battlefield monuments.


Behind the Stonewall


This site offers a panoramic view from various locations on the battlefield including the 20th Maine monument on Little Round Top.  It includes a long description of the fight by Chamberlain.


The Civil War Home Page

This site has numerous letters and diary entries.  It includes a collection of love letters.  Of particular note is the Sullivan Ballou letter with pictures of Ballou and his gravesite.


To the Limits of the Soul’s Ideal

A fan’s site for Joshua Chamberlain which has a complete biography.  Includes a good account of the fight for Little Round Top including many quotes.


The Gettybgurg Battle Archive

This site includes some good pictures of the battle.  It also includes a few color paintings.


Historical Maps of the U.S.

Excellent black and white maps from American History including many battle maps and maps of territorial expansion. This has a good map of the Battle of Gettysburg showing all the action in one frame.



 This site features some lengthy eyewitness accounts from American History.  It gives  good background information for each selection and includes pictures. This is a first person account from a teenage girl in Gettysburg.





National Geographic Map Creator

This site allows the user to locate any region on the planet.  The user can zoom in  and out of each map.  The site provides several types of maps for the user.

John R. Borchert Map Library

This site is useful for current world events that teachers can use in their discussions to show where in the world the event is occurring.


The University of Texas On-line Library Maps

This site allows the user a wealth of maps from current issues, physical maps, resource maps, and historical maps for major events from American History.


Map Quest

This site allows the user to list and map directions between two places.  The site also provides a list of commonly used places such as: Gas stations, Restaurants, drug stores, etc.


National Geographic Society

This site provides over 600 up to date maps ready to use and copy.


Geographic Name Server

This site allows the user to locate cities, counties, countries, or place names having the same name.  The user can learn the population, position, postal codes, and other useful information using this site.


The Fifty States

This site provides an in depth review of each state from state maps, birds, mottoes, license plates, and general facts.


World Geography from Hilton College

This site provides many useful maps for trip planning, mapping strategies, and other uses for maps.


National Hazardous Problem Page

This site provides research, data, and lesson on natural disasters around the world.


Facts on Canada

This site provides maps, facts, and figures for the nation of Canada.




Maui: The Reality

This is a Think Quest site designed for the education of the user on the topic of the island of Maui.


Discovering Down Under

This is a Think Quest site that provides great facts, figures, and general information on the country of Australia.

All Along a River

This is a Think Quest site that provides great geological facts on how river systems work.


7 Modern Wonders of the World

This is a Think Quest site that provides information on 7 modern wonders of the world.


Newspapers of the United States

This site is a link to almost all of the newspapers in the United States. - Results for Federal Constitutional Convention in U.S. history, the meeting (May-Sept. 1787) in Philadelphia at which the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES was drawn up. The web site was structured so that it would encourage the students to utilize the information provided.

The debates would be very useful for an insight to what the delegates were thinking and how they differed in opinion. The biographies of the delegates are very in depth and will give the students a more personal look at these founding fathers.


RETURN TO TOP  The quotes are quite interesting and they provide the student with a more personal look at the individuals who attended Provides the link to the events that led to the Convention and why it was held. Provides a modern day insight to the strategies used by the delegates in drawing up the constitution. The forum also gives information on some of the propositions that were not included in the constitution. Gives good documentation how women later became involved in the same process. Discusses the structure of the Constitution including amendments and articles: also has a complete copy of the Constitution



A Geography site providing a teaching and learning environment for exploring our world guided by framework of U.S. National Geography Standards.


Finding Your Way…

Determining distances and directions


Einstein, the Trackstar of Time

Inspiration from one of the all time great minds.


Stat-USA at the U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Examine trade statistics between U.S. and Mexico to see what effect NAFTA has had.


Lonely Planet

Learn more about life in a central European country.


Acropolis Website

Virtual tour highlights rich history of Greece.


Carleton University Earthquake Bulletin Page

Site of World Meteorological Organization where you can examine map of last year’s climate events.


Castle in Austria

Virtual museum exhibit at Castle Tollet in Austria.


John Muir

Highlights Scottish-born man who founded our system of  National Parks in the U.S.A


Canada’s National Atlas

Explore the unique concerns of Canadians.



World War I--Trenches on the Web

“THE” web site for information on World War I.  Provides information on people, places, and events using text, maps, photographs, diagrams, etc. 


Images of WWI: The Western Front

Photographs of WWI soldiers, etc. and contextual information providing basic data on WWI, including description of trenches.


Life in the Trenches

Text associated with Episode 2: “Stalemate” of the PBS series “The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century”, including quotations from soldiers on life in the trenches.  Topics include Schlieffen Plan, French Bravery and German Fire Power, The Christmas Truce, and others.


Trench Warfare Terms and Diagrams

Extensive list of terms and definitions related to World War I.  Also has several good trench diagrams.


The World War I Document Archives

Primary documents from World War I include conventions, treaties, personal reminiscences, biographical dictionary, image archive, and more.




Word Origins—WWI

Article from Military History Quarterly giving origins of words associated with trench warfare such as trench mouth, shell shock, screaming meemies, etc.


A Soldier’s Experiences—WWI—www/Seeger/Alan2.htm

A soldier tells of his experiences in World War I through his diary and letters.

American History

Site covering American History topics.

History Place

Covers various history topics such as Apollo II. African-Americans in World War II, etc.


FDR Library – K-12 Learning Center – This site gives teachers and students access to a portion of the rich collection of documents, photographs, sound & video recordings, finding aids, and other primary source material dealing with FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Access Indiana Teaching & Learning Center – The Great Depression

This site provides numerous links to related sites, general resources that can be used for grades 6-12, links to information about FDR.

( a copy of a professor’s lecture titled “The Crash & the Great Depression including great photos of this time)

(this site lists depression era agencies and their roles – CCC, FERA, NYA, WPA)

American Life Histories – Manuscripts from the federal writer’s project (1936-1940)--

“This site provides life histories written by the staff of the Folklore Project of the Federal Writers' Project for the U.S. Works Progress (later Work Projects) Administration (WPA) from 1936-1940. The Library of Congress collection includes 2,900

documents representing the work of over 300 writers from 24 states.”

 Then and Now: Prices  This site includes a chart comparing prices and wages during the Great Depression to prices/wages of today. 

“Riding the Rails” – includes stories of teenage hobos who lived on the railroad, a detailed timeline of the Great Depression (October 1929 – November 1932), and suggested activities to use with the film “Riding the Rails”

The Great Depression & The New Deal – this site includes definitions of key terms, causes and problems of the Great Depression, success/failures of New Deal programs, and a detailed chart of FDR’s alphabet soup programs.

The Great Depression – site includes: time line; a list of the causes and effects of the Great Depression; an economic table including information on unemployment, weekly earnings, bank suspensions, federal government spending, and the value of U.S. exports; and a narrative comparing city life & farm life during the Depression



America from the Great Depression to WWII.  Photographs from the FSA-OWI, (1935-1945).  This site includes 55,000 black and white photos and 1600 color photos providing images of the Great Depression throughout the United States.

Three Internet Research Activities on the Great Depression

This sites includes activities for students grades 6-12 to practice researching on the web and learning about the Great Depression.  It includes URL’s and worksheets to accompany each activity.

This site includes an excerpt from An Abridged History of the United States.  It includes an overview of the years preceding and including the Great Depression.  It provides loads of supplemental information for teachers to use, but may be to “meaty” for the students.

The New Deal Network: an educational web site sponsored by the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.  This site features classroom resources (lesson plans, Web projects, and bibliographical material), other online resources, numerous links, and 4000 images from the National Archives and the FDR Library

America’s Great Depression Timeline—brief description of events occurring from 1873-1959

This site provides teachers with an activity for students to view and evaluate photos dealing with the involvement of the WPA during the Depression.  “Students can view this record of an era and see for themselves how Americans faced the challenge of those testing times.”

The Stock Market of 1929.  This site provides a brief introduction, some causes of the 1929 stock crash, the governments reaction of the Crash,  possible reasons why people invest in the stock market in 1929, and regulations that were enforced following the crash.

This site is a branch of  It is FREE!!! and allows you to create numerous types of puzzles (Crossword, Word Search, Math oriented, etc.)  You can save the puzzles to a disk or to the hard drive. It is a wonderful site.

Thinkquest entry dealing with the Holocaust.  This site provides detailed descriptions of concentration camps, provides a timeline of events, survivor stories, a glossary, and a quiz.

List of Pacific Naval Battles in World War II



Search for links dealing with WWII.  Includes WWII history, WWII battles, Weapons of War, Historical figures, war movies, books & memorabilia.

The Pacific War:  The U.S. Navy

Examines the U.S. Navy’s contribution to the overall victory that ended WWII. Also includes details the road to war, ships of the fleet, Naval aviation, biographies, battles, statistics, etc.

Ask Eric lesson plan on “Reenacting the Great Depression with slides”


5 Themes of Geography

This is a guide to the major themes of geography. A detailed sketch of each theme that will be the perfect beginning to the first lesson in geography.

Landforms and Structures of Earth

This site is full of everything you will need to know about the world of geography. This will give a detailed listing of each continent and subject area of the world.


Structures: The Earth’s Make-up

This is an article about the earth’s inner core and the theories associated with its changed appearance.


The Earth’s Physiology

This is the article you will want to go to if you want to look a illustrations of the structures of the earth. Goes into detail of the inner and outer cores along with the mantle.

1.      Atlas

This will show different maps of the world and link to other sites.


4.     Absolute and Relative Locations

Will give insight to the aspects of location along with other tools in geography.


5.     Geography

This will give a wonderful set of definitions to any geographic related term.


Geography Interaction Quiz

A little quiz that will help with all geography lessons.



Learn all there is to know about geography.


Civics: gov’t

Gives the lowdown on the U.S. gov’t.


Maps and Globes


Any school related area




CIA World Factbook

A guide to all the countries of the world.


Northwestern University’s Supreme Court updates


Selected Civil War Photographs

This web sight is for a history class. It contains a time line with pictures from the Civil War.


American Studies in the Secondary Schools-K12 Links


Yahoo Broadcast

site for listening to speeches


NOVA Online Adventure: Explore the Pyramids

cool views of pyramids (QuickTime plug-in is needed to view)


Library of Congress


The National Women’s History Project

Women’s history from the people who originated Women’s History Month.


National Association for Woman Suffrage Association

Historical papers from one of the organizations that made the vote possible.

Biographical summaries of prominent people such as Congressional leaders


Look Who’s Footing the Bill!

Great for use in a Civics class.


National Geographic Xpeditions

Maps of the world


EPU Fun and Games

American Quiz and American Geography Quiz online


Black history: Past to Present – An Interactive Treasure Hunt


Civil Rights museum


Civil rights movement


Sites for presidential information




Presidential election information


JFK assassination


RFK assassination


Electoral College information


Election and Electoral College information sites


TV and radio museum


History / Social Studies for K-12 Teachers

The major purpose of this home page is to encourage the use of the World Wide Web as a tool for learning and teaching and to provide some help for K-12 classroom teachers in locating and using the resources of the Internet in the classroom.


Social Studies School Service

Catalog of social studies info


Biography maker


USA facts


States and Capitals

Information and links about all 50 states; Famous people from the state, camp grounds, state birds, flags, etc.; American History rooms; President Rooms; great site for social studies and would be good for research for Odyssey project.




Lincoln Memorial

Tour the Lincoln Memorial


Jefferson Memorial

 Tour the Jefferson Memorial


Capitol Building


 Tour the Capitol building


 Library of Congress

 Research at the Library of Congress


Statistics on Government


Great Social Studies Links

This is a fabulous site—with never-ending links to so many resources in Social studies, English and fine arts. Over 170 links.


1689 English Bill of Rights

Web site for the English Bill of Rights


Anti-Federalist Papers

Site with the “antifederalist papers” a listing of speeches and essays written to oppose ratification of the Constitution and as a counter to The Federalist Papers.


Questions and Answers related to the Constitution




Magna Carta 

These sites connect you to the National Archives—it is a fabulous site.


Web Museum Network 


History of Auschwitz


Anne Frank website



A 9 month trip through 26 countries

Basic information and maps on the world’s countries

U.S. statistics on cities and counties

Currency calculator for the world’s currencies.

Common phrases in the world’s languages

Information on the 50 states with historical figures, statistics, hall of heroes.

“What’s on the Web” A discovery/survivor type exercise for geography students or    

anyone who likes to see other places and experience different things


Around-The World

This online journey through 26 countries features 120 photos.




My China

This is a good example of a subject sampler to spark students’ personal interest.  It could easily serve as a model for subject samplers on other topics.



holocaust summary

holocaust aftermath

holocaust teacher’s guide

holocaust q and a

holocaust vocabulary htm

Holocaust Q & A

Holocaust resources

Holocaust museum

Teaching the Holocaust

Holocaust and resistance

Multimedia holocaust info

Holocaust timeline

Academic info holocaust

holocaust info

teaching material holocaust

teacher’s guide to holocaust

holocaust survivors’ stories

Corrie ten Boom

Nuremberg trials sites




Other Civics Sites

E-mail public officials. Discuss issues and sign petitions.

Communicate with Congressional officials. Track district elections and bills.

Access to member web pages and pending legislation. Shows election updates and voting records.

Senator Breaux’s home page

Senator Landrieu’s home page

Representative John’s home page

President pro-tem’s home page

Speaker of the House’s home page

House majority leader’s home page

House minority leader’s home page

Senate majority leader’s home page.

Senate minority leader’s home page

Library of Congress site for congressional information on members and bills.

Library of Congress site on how laws are made.

Congressional information and links

A group of web sites that follow and analyze Congress, such as C-Span, ABC News, and CNN

marco polo edsite for history, civics

Virtual tour of the capitol

Pictures of Washington D.C. (the Mall)

Map of Washington D.C. and picture of the Capitol

Views and plans of the U.S. Capitol

C-span. Class quizzes, materials and resources.

C-Span student activity on the legislative branch.

Questions to an expert on Congress

Live and archived broadcasts of Congressional debates and hearings.

Presidential sampler. Very good game type activity.

Presidents’ fun brain quiz

Statistical Abstract of the US Things such as state rankings, etc.





Marco polo economics education


Currency calculator for the world’s currencies

Student generated lessons on cartooning






Education Week Online

Education Week on the Web – Your independent source for complete educational news!


Phi Delta Kappa

PHI DELTA KAPPA is an international association of professional educators. Our mission is to promote quality education, with particular emphasis on publicly supported education, as essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life.


Association for journalism teachers

Links to conventions and whatnot.


National Association of Secondary School Principals


Mathematical Association of America Official Website


e-Math: The Web Site of the American Mathematical Society

News, publications, careers and conference information, and other resources pertaining to the field of mathematics. Collected by the American Mathematical Society.


Quality Counts 98 issue of Education Week

Excellent articles on school improvement and standards


Quality Counts 2000 issue of Education Week

Focuses on teacher quality







Animation Factory

Free animated clip art & a 3D maker utility



more free clipart, not many educational themes, but good for everyday art


Clip Art, Clip Art, and more

more free clipart.


The Clip Art Place

free clip art and icons for web pages



NetCREATORS icon page

Lots of animated clipart


Alta Vista image search



Great site for images for teachers and students use.






Encyclopedia Britannica


The Visual Thesaurus


The Visual Thesaurus is an interesting way to explore English language synonyms. Words show up as a "spatial map of linguistic associations," with clickable words that encourage you to follow threads. The site uses Java and works best on newer systems.


Quiz Site

Features quizzes on a variety of topics that kids can take either online or printed out


Virtual library 


Homework Central


Merriam-Webster’s WWWebster Dictionary

Contains an online dictionary and thesaurus. This sight also contains a word puzzle for the day. There are several types of games that use definitions, synonyms, antonyms, word histories, and word transformations using hints and strategies.;list

student resources




A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia

Interesting stuff about English language


CyberLibrary - Travel

Cyber Library on travel for students


Purple Math – Your Algebra Resource

Homework Guidelines, or "How to suck up to your teacher."/ Algebra links, or "Yes Virginia, there really ARE good algebra sites."/ Algebra Modules, or "How do you REALLY do this stuff?"/ Math Study Skills Self-Survey, or "Do I have what it takes?"


Pitsco's Ask An Expert

Welcome to Pitsco's Ask an Expert! FREE ADVICE from the Amish to Zoo Keeping available. Select from 12 categories with over 300 web sites and email addresses where you can find experts to answer your questions. Ask an Expert is a directory of links to people who have volunteered their time to answer questions and web pages that provide information.


Primary Sources

First-person accounts (oral histories, diaries, memoirs) Documents (maps, treaties, laws or legal arguments) Physical artifacts (which reflect the period in which they were made and used) Scientific data which has been collected but not interpreted (census data, population statistics, weather records, production/manufacturing systems data, air quality measures, animal migration patterns, etc.) Face-to-face or on-line mentors who possess specific knowledge or expertise.


FunBrain is the home to over thirty interactive, educational games for kids across eight subject areas.


The World Fact Book - 1999 








Accessible Calculators

links to some programs that you can download to use as calculators with computers


Allstate Resource & Tools

on-line calculators to find cost of buying car or house, raising children, finances


Animating Web Pages with the TI-92

explanations and demos on how to use the TI-92 to create animations for web pages


Calculators and On-line Math Tools

links to different calculating tools that can be used by students/teachers while on internet


Graphics Calculators

links to projects, programs, and utilities for graphic calculators; mostly TI and fx7700g




create or play games/activities in all subject areas—free!


Teachers.Net Calculators & Converters

links to on-line calculators and converters (for time, measurement, currency)




Learning Shortcuts

LEAP prep and remediation.


New York Times

Integrates into whatever is being taught.


Education Planet

For teachers, students, parents




Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank interactive Web site that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into learning activities. It helps combine the "filaments" of the Web with a learner's "mentality". Support is built-in through Mentality Tips that guide you along the way to creating a Web-based activity you can share with others even if you don't know anything about HTML, Web servers, or all that www-dot stuff.

Resources for teachers such as lesson plans and current event topics with activities.


Portfolio Library: Planning & Design Guide

Portfolio information


Discover School’s Puzzlemaker

This is a free site for making puzzles.



Schoolnotes is also a site on which you can post assignments and get responses.


IDEA practices

Sites that clarify IDEA and IDEA 97 (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)





Track star web sight; Contains tracks for: Shakespeare  ( Shakespeare’s life and works) Short Stories elements of  a short story and point of view; Grammar (grammar games; current events quiz) as well as a search engine to find tracks for other topics and disciplines.


Marco Polo

The MarcoPolo program provides no-cost, standards-based Internet content for the K-12 teacher and classroom, developed by the nation's content experts. Online resources include panel-reviewed links to top sites in many disciplines, professionally developed lesson plans, and classroom activities. Sites include materials to help with daily classroom planning, brief and extended lesson plans, reviewed and expert-approved links to related high-quality sites, and powerful search engines.


The WebQuest Page

The site is “designed to serve as a resource to those who are using the WebQuest model to teach with the web.”  Among its many features, this model offers Bloom-like Taxonomy, supporting various levels of thinking with concrete guides.  A marvelous resource.



Free site for constructing bulletin board for student/parent access



Free site for constructing web page for student/parent access.


Awsome Library

The Awesome Library organizes your exploration of the World Wide Web.  It contains 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education. Select who you are to see an Awesome Library that is designed for you.


Global schoolhouse

Global Schoolhouse has joined forces with to bring you the best online collaborative learning. Please use the links on this page to find Global Schoolhouse content and tools plus easy access to the wealth of material on




Internet links


Blue Web'n

Blue Web'n is a searchable database of outstanding Internet learning sites categorized by subject area, audience, and type (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools). Blue Web'n does not attempt to catalog all educational sites, but only the most useful sites -- especially online activities targeted at learners.


Classroom Connect

This is a comprehensive resource for educators with a focus on telecommunications and curriculum.


Education World

Education World, the Educator's Complete Resource Guide to the Internet, offers education professionals, parents, students, and administrators a place where they can start each day to find the lesson plans and research materials they are looking for. This site is updated weekly with fresh new lesson plans and curriculum ideas, articles on issues that are of interest to educators, parents, and students, and much more.


Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes hundreds of Internet-based education resources supported by agencies across the U.S.  Federal government is easier to find. Search the resources or see them listed by subject, or for an overview of what's here, visit the site map. The FREE working group will be adding new resources and seeking to improve those here. Your suggestions about what should be added or developed – or resources or features on this site that can be improved -- are invited!



K-12 World

K-12WORLD is the teacher's best friend on the Internet. K-12WORLD makes using the Internet powerful, friendly and easy for the education community.  K-12WORLD offers hundreds of peer-approved links to quality educational sites and resources, which may be useful to K-12 educators and students. The vast resources available at this site will help maximize the time you spend on the Internet.


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth. It is updated daily to keep up with the tremendous number of new World Wide Web sites.


K-12 resources/lesson plans

Teacher resources for Social Studies teachers


McREL Standards

Includes standards for all content areas and articles on standards. Connections+ consists of links to Internet resources--lesson plans, activities, and curriculum resources--linked with corresponding subject-area content standards.


The Chalkboard

This is the place to get up-to-date information on free education resources (things for class, lesson plans, materials, grants, tours, workshops, etc.) offered by corporations.


The Global Schoolhouse

Linking kids, teachers and Parents around the world. 


U.S. Department of Education

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes hundreds of Internet-based education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government easier to find. Search the resources or see them listed by subject, or for an overview of what's here, visit the site map.




Web Sites and Resources for Teachers

Dr. Vicki F. Sharp and Dr. Richard M. Sharp, Professors of Elementary Education at California State University, Northridge, have collected sites and curriculum resources from the Internet for teachers to use in their classrooms. These sites, organized in nine categories, include lesson plans, instructional materials, online activities and projects, and virtual trips to museums and countries around the world.   NOTE: This site is no longer maintained and updated.


Education Index®,

Welcome to the Education Index®, an annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web.  They're sorted by subject and life stage, so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily. There's also a place to find out more about us, and about all that the Education Index has to offer.


Amby’s Resources

Contains a directory, Brain Games, Cat Site, Education, Internet, Mensa, Portfolios, Test Prep, and a Work Site.


Think Quest

Site full of educational learning opportunities on a variety of topics


Trackstar on teacher websites


Connected Teacher

A great way to connect with teachers nationwide—includes a comprehensive list of highly recommended teacher websites (93 of them) and a means of communicating with teachers throughout the country.


School Administration

Information about grants available, trends in schools, etc.


Teacher Reports

This site allows students and teachers to interact like never before. This interaction will enable teachers to not only maintain excellent records but also provide their students and parents with limited access to daily progress reports and class assignments.




Liszt, The Mailing List Directory

Directory of mailing lists from which to obtain information about many different topics of interest to the classroom teacher


English teacher’s guide


Sites devoted to Computer Technology

HTML codes for popular colors:

Provides a palette of web colors and the necessary HTML code to reproduce them.  Extremely simple and yet extremely useful.


Webmonkey Reference:

The ultimate page in HTML reference—actually, one of the only ones you’ll ever really use regularly.  When your Netscape Composer is not functioning and the hands-on approach is necessary, then this site becomes truly useful.

ZDNET Home Page:

I would be remiss if I did not cite one of the most useful troubleshooting sites on the Internet today.  From mastering computer lingo to solving computer problems, this site has everything to help a computer novice sound and function like a computer expert. 







Driving maps, traffic reports, rated restaurants and hotels.


MapQuest – City Guide

Select the city of your choice and find out what events are taking place and what places are interesting to visit. Also, plug in the starting point and the final destination and it will give you a map and the approximate mileage and time for the trip.



Current money exchange


TravLang: Your Travel and Language Supersite

Excellent sight with everything that the students need: language dictionaries, currency exchange, and maps, types of travel. NOTE- The front page freezes if you do not click on it before it finishes running.


Create a Travel Brochure Webquest

Creating your own travel brochure. Step by step guide with the requirements of what needs to be placed on a brochure. This sight also includes a rubric for grading the individual and group project. Contains links to other travel sights which include packet information, activities, travel accommodations, etc.






Ozline Web site 

What’s new on the web - A list of activities available on the web.  Contains links to examples.





Gale Group of Free Resources

This has something called a “Lit Kit” which has

How to Write a Term Paper.  This would be a useful resource for teachers and




This website offers possible research topics. It helps with brainstorming. It also requires students to answer a few important questions about their topic in order to create a thesis statement and an outline for their paper.


Treasure Hunt / Research Paper Webquest

Treasure Hunt with details on how to write a research paper


Study Web

"This site is exactly what it says it is -- a place for anyone doing research to find the information they need as easily as possible. The categories are sorted according to the approximate appropriate grade level, which makes them valuable tools for teachers looking for lesson plan and curriculum ideas.  The information for each topic also notes the presence of downloadable or printable images for use as visual aids of school reports or projects. The variety of subjects and categories should allow most users to narrow in on a topic for a report, find background material for a story, begin research for a paper or just increase their knowledge of a particular topic."


Teaching Writing Sites:

15 creative writing exercises

On-line dictionary with word histories

Good tips for writing research papers or expository essays




Put It in Writing: Tips for Producing a Good Newsletter

Newsletter writing tips

Components needed in putting together a newsletter


A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation

Takes a comprehensive look at research techniques, proper forms for citation based on MLA form, and much more.


The Write Site

The Write Site curriculum has students take the role of reporters and editors to research, write and publish their own newspaper. Designed for middle school language arts, but may be used for publications classes.


Writer’s resource center


Help for research papers


Help for compositions


Writing 5 paragraph essay


Hot paper topics


Guide to writing persuasive essay


Writing help all




Teen writing


How to write research report


Updating the Classics

This site looks great for Screenwriting and Writing Reviews, both in suitable depth for Creative Writing courses.  Fills a true need.



Journalism trackstar


Track Star on the history of journalism



Putting high school newspaper on the net


Journalism resources


Newspaper activity


Comprehensive list of newspapers