Research Process:

Info Zone - links to "safe" research site and Wonder Corner for kids' questions:

Big Six Information Problem Solving Process:

Research It:

Beyond Surfing:

Problem-solving Process - UbuyACar: - everything about research and writing research papers:

Center for Problem-based Learning:


Questions, Questioning:

Problem Posing:

Questioning Tool Kit:

Finding information:

Finding Information on the Internet - A Tutorial


InternetSearch Page:

Information Retriever:

BeauCoup - comprehensive search engine by subject:

The Digital Librarian:

Needle in a CyberStack:


Information Sites

Library Spot:

Sink or Swim: Library of Internet Resources:

AskScott-Your Guide to Finding It on the Internet:

Multicultural Research:

Learning Page of Library of Congress:

AskJeeves for Kids:

Internet Public Library- also click youth division button:

Evaluating Information and Sites: Sites with Fake Information:


Feline Research:

Mankato Home Page:

Eternal Life:



Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators:

Web Page Evaluation Worksheet

Evaluating Internet Resources:

Examples of various concepts in evaluating web sites:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - or Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources:

How to Analyze News - develop critical thinking and reading skills:


Crash Course in Copyright:

Fair Use Guidelines:

Official Copyright Guidelines:

Copyright Permission Pages:

10 Myths About Copyright


Citations for Electronic Resources:

Citing Internet Resources:

MLA Citation Guide:

Citing Computer Documents:

Writing Aids:

Online helps for Grammar and Writing:

Guide to Grammar and Style:


The New Plagiarism: Seven Antidotes to Prevent Robbery in an Electronic Age



Greatest Places:

Designing Performance Assessment:

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Teachers: Rubrics and Assessments:


Sample Rubric Assessments for Various Portfolio Items:

Key Pals:

Comprehensive database for countries and all age levels:


Find a Key Pal:

The Global Classroom KeyPal Page:


Project-based learning

On Assignment:

Kathy Schrock's: Lesson Plans and Thinking Skills:

How Far Does Light Go? - properties of light project:

Relocating Endangered Species - Habitat Hunters:

Learning Circles Teachers' Guide:

Great Plant Escape - upper elementary:

Electric Snow:

Global Grocery List:


Desktop Videoconference:


Videoconferencing for Learning

Collaborative Projects

Internet Projects from Judi Harris, Excellent source of projects arranged by type:

Blue Web'n:

Global School Net:

Telecomputing Projects:

On-line Class:

KidProj Master Project List:

School Internet Projects:

The Education Place:

World Exchange:

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections:

United Nations CyberSchool Bus - Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow

Mind's Eye Monster Exchange:

World Builders - high level thinking skills:

American Memory Project:

Vietnam - A Web Quest - research, debate and group work

Little Rock 9, Integration ? - collaborative project, videoconference, interactive Transformation Builders:

Biweeekly on-line publication written by kids for kids:

Examples of numerous projects by Judi Harris:

NickNack's Telecollaboration Projects:

Multidiscipline Projects:

Research: What's the Point?:

Learning Circles Teachers' Guide - a model of online teaching and learning:



Ask an Expert/Mentorships:

US Geological Survey Branch will answer questions on earth science

Ask Dr. Math: Swarthmore College Students and Staff answer Math questions:

Ask an Expert:

MARS Team Online Mentors for teachers doing Internet collaborative activities:

Pitsco's Ask An Expert - contact with professionals willing to answer kids' questions:

Developing new projects

NickNack's Designing a Telecollaborative Project

NickNack's Telecollaborative Planner_ the actual planning form:

Guidelines for designing a successful telecollaborative project - with design template:

Web cruising vehicle integrating Internet, tutorials, sample projects, and design template:

Designing Effective Classroom Web Projects

Classroom Connect's Teacher Contact Database:

WWW Constructivist Project Design Guide:

Teaching and Learning on the Internet:

Judi Harris' Network-based Educational Activity Structures:

For Teachers:

Technology integration activities with international aspect in Curriculum Corner:

CyberGuides - units of instruction using the Web:

Working the Web for Education:


Useful Web Sites:


Weaving Webs - useful web sites

21st Century Teachers Network

Resources - Curriculum-Based Telecomputing:

Filamentality - interactive guide for creating Web lessons: