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Welcome back to the 2016-2017 school year!  My name is Anne Krauss and I am the Guidance Counselor for the 9th - 12 graders at North Vermilion High School.  I look forward to an exciting and fun year working with you and your child.

Description of Counseling Services:
Counseling services are available to all our students.  Services that are provided by the school counselor include, but are not limited to:
     *Registers/enrolls/schedules current and new students
     * Conducts and provides individual, small group, academic-
        career and crisis counseling
     * Monitors student academic progress
     * Plans for, coordinates and administers standardized tests:
       LAA1/LAA2, EXPLORE, PLAN, ELDA, ACT, PSAT and EOC testing
     * Attends meetings with administration, students and parents
     * Educates, informs, guides and advises high school students
        and their parents on curriculum tracks and graduation
        requirements to help them make informed decisions relating
        to the student's academic, personal and career choices to
        ensure success.
     * Coordinates senior and sophomore career days/trips

Study Tips:
     *Time Management Skills

Parish and School Sites:
      Vermilion Parish School Board
      North Vermilion High School
      Student Progress Center


Helpful Links

     * Graduation Requirements (link to LA Dept of Education page)
        - LA Core 4
        - Basic Core 4
        - Career Diploma
        - TOPS University
        - Jumpstart

     *  TOPS -

     * FAFSA -

     * Standardized Tests
       - ELDA
       - LAA1 (Special Education)
       - LAA2 (Special Education)
       - EOC (High School)

     * ACT Testing -
       - EXPLORE (8th and 9th grade)
       - PLAN (10th grade)
       - ACT (11th and 12th grade)
       - WorkKeys (11th and 12th grade)

*An important component of the counseling relationship is the understanding of confidentiality.  Counselors are obligated both ethically and legally to maintain the confidentiality of information they receive from a student within context of a counseling setting.  Information shared by a student may only be disclosed to protect the student or others from harm.


      ** Note to Parents/Guardians:  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's performance or any classroom-related
          issue(s), please feel free to call and set up an appointment at (337) 893-9202 or email me at