Classroom Policies

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 1.            Report to class promptly.  You will be tardy if you are not in the room when the bell rings.  If you need to go to the restroom, place your books on your desk and notify me.  If I am not in the room or hall, notify another student.  Otherwise, you will be considered tardy and will need an admit slip.

 2.            Come to class prepared.  No one will be allowed to return to their lockers once the bell has rung.                                 

a.             Bring ALL materials to class every day.

b.             Place graded assignments on my desk before class begins.  Papers must be stapled with your name (and test number) in the upper right hand corner, on loose-leaf paper, and in pencil.

c.             Enter the classroom quietly, turn in your work, read the board for the day’s activity, and get your materials ready to start class. 

3.             You are expected to complete all homework assignments because they will help you to learn the material.  I will not pick up homework every time it is assigned.  If I do not pick it up, I will check for completion and then we will go over it in class.

4.             Lab reports are MANDATORY.  On the third failure to turn in a lab report, you will be dismissed from the lab and report to in-school suspension to work on an alternative assignment during lab for the remainder of the school year.

5.             You are expected to participate in ALL activities (including note-taking) 100% of the time.

6.                Do not fool with my possessions, items on my desk, or enter the lab without permission.

7.                    Please be polite at all times.  Do not talk while others are talking.


II.           CHEATING

A.            If anything is passed between students during a test, both students will receive a grade of 0 as this action constitutes cheating in this classroom.  All communication between students during a test is considered cheating and all students involved will receive a grade of 0.   If I suspect cheating on class assignments (homework), all suspected parties will receive a 0 on the assignment (this includes making multiple copies of computer assignments).  If you do not understand a concept, GET HELP - do not cheat!



A.            If you are absent, get lecture material and explanations before coming to class from the web site, another student or from me in the morning before school.  Also, check the shelves for any handouts, etc. that may have been distributed during your absence.  DO NOT take up class time for your absences. 

B.            Tests are assigned several days in advance.  If you were present on or after the date the test was assigned, you will take the test on the assigned date.  The only exception is if you miss the day before a test AND test information was covered. Check the board and web site for assignments.

C.                   I will follow school board policy regarding makeup work and absences.

D.            WEDNESDAY is the deadline to make-up quizzes/tests.  Any morning before school (except my duty day) and Wednesday afternoons are set aside for make-ups.  If you have a problem with this time, see me PRIOR to Wednesday to schedule an alternative day.  If you miss any scheduled makeup day without prior notification, you will receive a grade of 0 on that exam/quiz.

E.             Labs are difficult to makeup.  You will be allowed 1 EXCUSED absence from lab per semester.  All other EXCUSED labs will be made-up by turning in a 5-page report on a topic assigned by  me.  Reports CANNOT be copied from a book, magazine, etc. because this is an act of plagiarism and will result in a grade of 0.  Reports must include the source of information.


IV.            GRADING

A.            100 Responsibility points will be given to you at the beginning of each 6 weeks.  It is up to you to keep these points.  Points will be deducted from this grade as follows:

1.             2 points each time you do not follow a responsibility guideline or classroom rule or school.

2.             5 points for no homework or incomplete homework.  (I DO NOT accept "I didn't understand" as an excuse for no/incomplete homework.  If you truly do not understand, then come see me early enough before school so I can help you with the material.  Come with specific questions in mind.)

B.            The rest of your grade will come from the average of all of the following:  tests, quizzes, labs, group work, projects, graded assignments, and other class work.

C.            Keep a record of your grades.  I will hand back all graded materials.  If you need to see me about a grade, contact me before or after school.

D.            I will issue progress reports after the third week of each six weeks period.  Your signed and returned report counts for 25 points.

E.             I will be available for tutoring before school and afternoons or by appointment.


V.           EXTRA POINTS

A.            On test days, I will give a 5% bonus to everyone in the class IF & ONLY IF EVERYONE is present and taking the test. I will also award an additional 5% bonus to everyone in the class if all tests are returned & put in order.  That gives the class a possible of a 10% bonus on test days.

B.            I may place extra point questions on tests/quizzes or assign extra point projects periodically during the year.  If I do not assign anything, DO NOT ask.  You must rely on your regular assignments throughout the six weeks to establish your grade.




1st offense            -               WARNING

2nd offense           -               TEACHER - STUDENT CONFERENCE

3rd offense            -               PARENT CONTACT &/OR COUNSELOR CONTACT

4th offense            -               OFFICE REFERRAL


*I will move to an immediate office referral if the behavior is dangerous or severe.





1st & 2nd Offense:  Warning

3rd & thereafter:  After-school detention


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