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Vermilion Parish Schools

Unit 10:   Louisiana
Unit Website
(crafts and more)
PowerPoints Printable Kidspiration
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Culture, Music and Stories
(Unit 10-1)

Music Madness

Arts Alive

Food and Agriculture
(Unit 10-2)
LA Picture Perfect Louisiana Agriculture      
Woodland Animals
(Unit 10-3)
Forest Activities

Louisiana  Pictures

LA Picture Perfect

Animals  (Pete's PowerPoints)      
(Unit 10-4)
Bugs and Insect Crafts

DLTK Insects

Insect Crafts - Kindercraft

Terminix - Bug Crafts

Themes and Lesson Plans Insect

Louisiana Pictures

LA Picture Perfect

Creepy Crawlers


Insects   (Pete's PowerPoints)




Compare Dragonfly and Spider
Butterfly Life Cycle
Insects 1
Insects 2
Wetland Animals
(Unit 10-5)

Louisiana Pictures

LA Picture Perfect

Wetland Animals

Aquariums  (Pete's PowerPoints)

  Wetland Animals - Habitat
Sea Life and Summer
(Unit 10-6)
DLTK Summer

Preschool Seasons

DLTK Ocean

Preschool Education Ocean

Louisiana Pictures

LA Picture Perfect

Summer  (Pete's PowerPoints)


Marine Life (Under the Sea)   (Pete's PowerPoints)

General Preschool Themes


Preschool Activities

Louisiana for Kids Site! (Vermilion Parish Schools)

Pre K-2 Social Studies Louisiana

Louisiana Interactives for Pre K-2 Students

Animals in Louisiana



PowerPoints (Louisiana)


Happy Birthday Louisiana Printable MS Word

How Old is LA Printable MS Word

Louisiana Printables!


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