Behavior Plan                    Revised  July 2009

Dear Parents,

          As your child enters first grade more structure demands will be expected from him/her.  This is why I have developed a discipline plan that shows how your child is behaving weekly. Sadly, I have to assign a grade (S, N, or U) weekly. This plan has been used for the last several years and it has worked very well.  My plan has been designed on previous class problems and how the School Discipline Committee is expecting all students to behave.     
         Since first grade is more structured than Kindergarten a behavior plan will be used.  I firmly believe that if I have the child’s full attention he/she will make great progress this year. First grade has many things to learn.  I will try to make learning fun and interesting, but the child’s attention must be on the lesson.
        Time out will be used for poor behavior. My Time out for the child will be to isolate him/her from the class, but the place will be located in the room, so he/she can hear and complete the lesson.  If the poor behavior continue then the child will miss recess to  write the rule he/she is breaking.  I will begin using the Behavior Plan starting the 2nd week of the 1st six week period. The first week of school  I will go over this plan with the students, so they will know what I expect from each of them. PBS forms may be used as needed.
          Each week the behavior grade will be based on 17 points. The final grade will be based on 102 points for the six week period.  The Behavior Report will be sent home weekly stapled to the test papers.  The grading scale is as follows:

    0  = 100  S           -4  = 76 N        -7 =  59  U     -10 =  41 U     -13  = 24 U                -16 =  6  U

   -1  =  94  S           -5  = 71  N        -8 =  53 U     -11  = 35  U     -14  =18  U                -17 = 0  U

   -2  = 88  S            -6  = 65  U        -9  = 47 U      -12 = 29  U     -15  = 12 U

   -3  = 82  S                                               

          The weekly grades will be averaged to get the final grade for the report card.  The grade for the report card is S, N, or U.

          When a child is sent to the office for a minor or major infraction, the child’s conduct grade will be a U on the report card for the six weeks.  A minor or major infraction will override the teacher grade point average for the child's six weeks grade. 

                        Please return the bottom portion of this letter.


                                                                                                 Rickey Menard

Cut and return

    Child’s Name_________________________________

I have read the Behavior Management Plan that will be used in Ms. Rickey Menard’s class. I understand that if my child is sent to the office and the problem is a major infraction, my child’s conduct grade on the report card will be a U.  A minor or major infraction will override the teacher grade point average for the child for the six weeks.

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                                Below is the Plan that will be used weekly


Name___________________________ #____             
Conduct Grade Sheet
 Date_________________   Grade         /17 pts. 
Conduct will be graded with    S, N, or U
AClass Instruction
  1.  Disturbing class (making noises)______              
  2.  Excessive talking ________________                 
  3.  Talking out of turn________
  4.   Interrupts speaker  _______                                    
  5.  Not paying attention______________                 
  6. Not following oral directions _______
  7.  Class work not done____________
  8. Out of seat__________________
  9. Not reading orally_______                        
B.  Homework                
  1.  Homework not done _____________                  
  2.  Homework not at school___________
  3.  Folder(s) not at school__________                
C. Morning Daily Routines     

  1.  unpack, go to restroom ___________
  2. sharpen pencil-2 pencils daily________
  3. morning seat work ________________
 D. Cafeteria

  1.  Manners ____________
  2. Following rules _____________
  3. Playing at the table_______________         
E. Child’s Responsibility                                                              
  1. Work or Test not turned in ____                           
  2.  Not lining up quietly ___________          
 *3. Not packing correctly____________           
*4.  Papers not put in folders___________         
  *5. Folder(s) not in bag _____________ 
 (***Not listening to teacher)                  
 F. Care of Materials
1. Supplies or  books on floor_______         
  2. Trash on floor    ___________                               
  3. Messy desk _______________
  4.  Does not have pencil ___
       Other ________                           
G. General School Rules:
  1.  Not Following zip-hip rules                 
       a.  Running on deck_____________
       b.  Talking in line-deck_______ 

       c.  Playing in line-deck_____  
       d.  Not in line __________                  
  2.  Sharing without permission ______                 
  3.  No trading _______________              
  4.  Problem in the restroom_____
  5.  Playground problem______________
H.  Disrespectful to teachers or others _____  
 I. Other Problem __________________________


          Poor Behavior—Some consequences that may be
              used:   Child may miss recess, write rule
              he/she is breaking, will use time out in the class,
              isolation from class, (detention room or office visit).
              PBS forms will be used as needed

  Parent Signature_______________________