Accelerated Reader Program

          I will explain what the Accelerated Reading Program is and the way the program works by using questions that my parents had in the previous years.  I hope this helps you understand the program.  I do expect every child in my class to take part in the A.R. program.  This program is being used here at LeBlanc as well as many other elementary, middle, and high schools.    

          What is the Accelerated Reader Program?  The Accelerated Reader Program is known as A.R.  It is a nationally recognized, computerized, reading program used to motivate, manage and measure student achievement in reading.  This program is used to help improve reading scores, comprehension, and the child’s reading speed.  This program also hopes to bring to the child the enjoyment of reading books.  This program uses computerized testing of the book the child read.  At the end of the test, the child gets to see the score he/she made.   If the child missed a question, he/she gets to see the correct answer.  The score is record on the child’s record.  The computerized testing provides immediate feedback for the child.

                How does this program work?  The child goes to the library to check out a book.  A.R. books are marked with a red A.R. label on the book’s binder.  The child is to read this book several times at home with someone who can help him/her with the words he/she may not know.  I suggest the child reads the book at least 4 times.  When the child is ready to take the A.R. test, he/she fills out the book information on his/her folder.  The child then takes the test.  The teacher is not able to read the questions or help with words while the child takes the test.  When the child is finished the last question, the computer gives the results of the comprehension test.  I do sit with each child for the first test and we do the test one to one. I am teaching the format of the testing procedure and helping the child to read the test if need.  I also help on the next few tests, so they can get the computer set up correct.

          Can my child take the test over on that book if he/she doesn’t pass it?  The answer is no.  The computer program is set not to allow any child to retake a test once they have taken it already.

          How are the books marked for the reading level?  Each book has an A.R. label and on the book binder has the A.R. R.L. (R.L. stands for reading level of that book-examples:  0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and etc.).  I encourage the students to begin at the lowest reading level and then I will gradually move the child to a higher level when progress is made.

          What can the parent do to help the child succeed in this program?  The parent needs to help the child read the book nightly.  Discuss the words the child has trouble with in the story.  Parent needs to have the child tell facts about the story.  Questions the parent can focus on are: 

·       Who is the story about? 

·       What happened in the story-give several details? 

·       What happened first, next, then, and finally? 

·       What happened at the end of the story?

·       Where did the story take place?

·       When did the story take place?

·       How did the characters feel? 

·       Who are the characters? 

·       What did each character do in the story?

·       What type of story is it real or fantasy? Why?

          Is A.R. used for a grade?  The answer is no.  The goal is to encourage the students to read.  Students that participate in the reading program will show growth in comprehension skills and in their reading speed. This is very good reading practice.

       How is the reading goal set for each class?    First grade students don’t start checking books out until later in the year. I am hoping that they will begin checking books out in late October.  The goal for my first grade class is  at least 5 points . 

          Please remember why we are using this A.R. Program.  This program improves reading ability, it promotes higher order thinking skills, encourage students to love to read books, and it matches the child’s reading ability to the level of the book.  It allows the child to see the reading growth he/she is making progress.

       If this program is to work and enhance the child’s reading, the parent must be willing to help practice reading the book with the child.  Thank you for taking an active part in your child’s education.  I know you are very proud of your child’s progress and you want your child to succeed in reading.  I am very proud and honored to be working with your child this year. Let’s READ, READ, READ!!!


Text Box:               Reading is Fun!!!!
    Practice reading improves your   
           reading skills!
             Enjoy Reading!!!!






         I hope this has helped you to understand the A.R.   Program.   If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please contact me.


                                                                                                     Rickey Menard