Grading for 1st Grade

Dear Parents,

    This letter is a summary of how the subjects will be graded.  The grading scales are as follows:

         100-94 = A                            

           93-87 = B                                        100-77 = S

          86-77  = C                                          76-70 = N

          76-70  = D                                          69- 0  = U

          69 - 0  = F                

          All first grade students are graded with S, N, or U for the subjects of reading, math, language, and spelling for the first six week periodConduct, penmanship, music, art, social living (science and social studies) and P.E. will be graded with S, N, or U for the full year.

       Starting the second six week period letter grades  A, B, C, D, F will be used on the report card  for the subjects reading, math, language, and spelling.

       All grades are put on the computer.  The computer figures out all the grades. This is how the computer calculates the grades using the point system.  Check your child's grades by using the Command Center on the Parish site or go to my web button called Tracking Grades.

       All test papers will have the number correct over the total number possible.  A letter grade will be put on the papers, but the report card grade is not determined using a letter grade.  At the end of the six week period the computer adds up all the points the child got correct on all tests given for reading. Then all the possible points are added up. Then the computer divides the total possible points into the total points correct.  This gives the final grade average for the report card.

   Example:   To determine final grade for reading:

7/8   15/16  22/23   4/4 12/14     9/1 0  =  

             69  /  75

    (Number Correct)/ (Total Possible)    = 

              92/B   final grade

                      Again, the subjects social living (science and social studies), music/art, P.E. penmanship, and conduct will use the grading S, N, and U for every six week period.

                  First Grade Information concerning promotion and retention:

            1. At the end of  1st grade a child must have earned 5 points to pass a subject for the year.
            2.  If a child in first grade fails to earn 5 points in  both language and math, the child will be retained in first grade.
           3.  A child must earn 5 points in reading with a D average in the last semester in order to be promoted.
           4.  A child who fails to earn 5 points in  language
or math must be sent to SBLC.  This committee will determine if the child will be promoted or retained.
           5.  A child who misses more than 14 days of school will also be presented to the SBL Committee to determine if the child will be promoted or retained.

        Very Important Note--If you would like to see the Vermilion Parish wording about grading and promotion, please go to my site Pupil progression Plan and refer to page 19 of 56.


                                                        Rickey Menard