Reading Warning ------Special Note                  


Special Note about the end of the year points for passing.

          A first grade student must earn 5 points on the report card in each of the following subjects to pass it for the year.  They are reading, math, language, and spelling.  If a child fails math or language, the SBL Committee will determine if the child will be retained or promoted.


          Special note about Reading----A first grade child must earn 5 points in reading on the report card.  Note 3 points of the 5 points must be in the last semester (3 points is a D average).  If 3 points are not in the last semester, the child will fail reading for the year. It does not matter if the child has a total of 6 or more points on the report card in reading.

If a child fails reading, he/she will fail for the year.  This is the policy of the Vermilion Parish School Board. 

      To read the Vermilion Parish rule about 1st grade grading and promotion, please go to my site Pupil Progression Plan and refer to page 18 and 19 of 56