First Grade Supply List

1 boxes of 8 crayons (NOT JUMBO)
2 boxes of 16 crayons (NOT JUMBO)
1 pair of scissors
1 yellow highlighter
1 pack of 3x5 index cards
2 - 4 oz. bottles of white glue (liquid)
2 large erasers (the old fashioned pink or white works best)
1 pack of multi-colored construction paper (loose, not binder)
1 pack of WIDE-RULED loose leaf paper
2 black and white marble wide-ruled composition (called a journal)
3 - 1 subject wide-ruled compositions
2 large boxes of Kleenex tissue
4 plastic folders with pockets and prongs (clips) 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 orange
2 zipper pencil bags (not plastic)
1 coloring book, word-find book, or drawing tablet
boys bring 1 box large (gallon) zip-loc bags
girls bring 1 box small (quart) zip-loc bags
The zip-loc bags can be store brand (WalMart Great Value). We donít need the
fancy zipper.
2 boxes of pencils (plain #2 pencils sharpen best) Children need at least 3 pencils weekly
Note: Please sharpen pencils before sending.
$5 Class and art supply fee

Print your childís name on all supplies. STUDENTS SHOULD BRING ALL SUPPLIES ON

SCHOOL UNIFORMS: Students must comply with all VPSB uniform policies. Please refer
to the student/parent handbook. ALL JACKETS AND SWEATSHIRTS WORN IN CLASS
MUST MEET UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS. They must be solid navy, white, red or black.
Absolutely NO LOGOS or SYMBOLS may be found on any uniform clothing (exception:
LEBLANC Elementary School spirit shirts and jackets). BELTS must be worn at all times
and they must be black, brown or navy with no logos or symbols. SOCKS must also be worn
at all times and they must be navy, khaki or white. Tights may be worn.