Parish Testing 

                           The Parish will be testing each student in
      reading 3 times during the year with the test
DIBELS.  This is one way we can
     measure reading growth. The teacher will work
    on the skills that the students need extra help on.
    The  Parish will also do an oral reading test with
    each child. The child must read  a passage orally
    timed for one minute and then tell what it is about.

          In language there will be
4 writing
.  One assignment every nine weeks. 
Math fact tests at the middle and at end of the year. 
The test has 50 problems timed for 5 minutes.

        As of the 2009-2010 school year the parish
has added to the curriculum
STAR reading and
testing. The students take this test on the
computer in the computer lab.  The teacher is not
able to read directions or help with these tests.