Additional Help

             Bridget Winter                          Located on Charity Street   (on the corner next to the Flea Market building)
 Vermilion Parish Parenting Center      
Abbeville, La.
Parenting Center    898-5808                                                              

Note:  This is the place to go if your child is struggling with reading or math skills.  Mrs. Bridget  will provide you with materials, so you can work with your child at home.  These materials are free.
      Suggestion:  Call before you go, state the problem that your child is having and the child's teacher.  They can contact the teacher if they need more information.

                                      Homework Tips

1.  Check your child's folder nightly.
2.  Read the homework calendar found in your child's Core Folder
     or  check the homework online.
3.  Set a schedule time for doing homework nightly.
4.  Homework is to be done in a quiet area away from noise and TV.
5.  Supervise your child doing homework.  A first grade student is too
     young to go in their room and study. Most students of this age have not 
     learn how to study alone yet.
6.  Have all materials needed located at you child's homework area     
     to avoid getting up and looking for materials.  Suggestion:  Put pencils, 
     crayons, scissors, ruler, manipulatives (can be old buttons or pennies)
     and etc. in a shoe box
7.  When your child's writes spelling words have them write and say the
      sounds out loud.  When the child has finished writing the words, call
      the words out to the child.  Let the child write the words on paper. 
     This will reinforce the letter formation in the words.  You can also have 
     your child spell them orally examples:  before going to bed, in the  
     morning, and etc.
8. Handwriting practice should be practiced during all writing assignment. 
    Spelling is a good example.  When the child writes the words it should be
    like the teacher's model . 
Letters must be formed to the correct size and
 Letters are to be made a certain way-see Handwriting handouts
    at the front part of the Core Folder.
9.  Math Facts-Make flash cards and have your child drill nightly for 5 to   
    10 minutes.  This is a very important skill.  Your child must learn these
     in first grade.  Next year more facts will be added.