Chevron Equipment Used In Other Projects

Math-Science Partnership

Summer Institute 2010

Third, fourth, and fifth grade science and math teachers throughout Vermilion Parish met at the Henry Gym July 6-July 26, 2010 to participate in a 3 week workshop which highlighted the integration of  science and math into the elementary curriculum. Teachers were trained using PASCO'S GLX Datalogger.  The GLX equipment was made possible by funding from Chevron.

Mary Mouton, Linda Landry, and Charlotte Hartwell are learning to use the motion sensor with the GLX.

Lana Richard, Richelle Marceaux, Kristie Mire, and Tana Harrington are using the temperature sensor with the GLX to measure the temperature of a solution.

Krystal Abshire, Nichole Walters, and Renee’ Harrington measure the effects of ramp height on the speed of a car using the motion sensor and the GLX.