Vermilion Parish Science Teachers  Present  Their Program at the National Level

Three teams of science teachers from Vermilion parish conducted workshops at the National Science Teachers' Convention (NSTA) which took place March 19th through 22nd in New Orleans.

All three presentations  were received with gratitude and praise.  Participants asked to keep in contact by email with the presenters and to model some of their future  program development upon their Vermilion Parish model. 

These Vermilion Parish school teachers and the Vermilion parish school system as a whole are very thankful to Chevron. Chevron covered all expenses for the Vermilion Parish School Board presenters and permitted the acquisition of all  equipment in each Vermilion Parish public school via the Energy for Learning Grant.


1st row:  Lori Porter, Nanette Delcambre (both at Erath Middle School), Michel Caldwell  (Meaux Elementary)

2nd row:  Monica Moresi (Herod Elementary), Sabrina Zaunbrecher (Gueydan High School), Shelanne Richard (VPSB Interventionist), Patrice Mire (Kaplan High School), Christina Menard  (Abbeville High School)

3rd row : Simpson Gradnigo (Erath High School), Elisabeth Ball  (Herod Elementary), Fran Granger (Forked Island E. Broussard Elementary), Roland Pautz (VPSB Central Office) 


Elementary School Presentation Digital Learning: Does It "Measure Up?"

Middle School Presentation
Hands-On Science Using Technology

High School Presentation
We've Got the Technology, Now What?


Elementary School Presentation:  Digital Learning: Does It "Measure Up?"

Teachers: Shelanne C. Richard (VPSB Interventionist), Lori Carpenter (Erath Middle School), Elizabeth Ball (Herod Elementary School), Monica Moresi (Herod Elementary School)

The presenters actively engaged their session participants in experiments requiring group communication, problem solving, higher order thinking, and measurement skills, using a variety of digital equipment along with measuring tapes, pH paper, and a stopwatch.  The results of the experiments were recorded via tables, charts, graphs, and written explanations.  Participants in the audience received copies of other lessons they could choose to incorporate as digital learning and were encouraged  to bring home these ideas and activities ready for classroom use.

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Middle School Presentation: 
Hands-On Science Using Technology

Teachers:  Nannette Delcambre (Erath Middle School); Fran B. Granger (Forked Island/East Broussard Elementary School); Sabrina Zaunbrecher (Gueydan High School)

The presenters invited participants to experience the learning styles of 21st century students using computer sensors and a digital microscope. The workshop emphasized activities where participants took the role of students as they made predictions tied to scientific phenomena.  Participants were guided by the VPSB team through the gathering and analysis of data.  Hand outs were given to participants to allow them to replicate these activities in their classrooms.

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High School Presentation:  
We've Got the Technology, Now What?

Teachers: Patrice Mire (Kaplan High School); Christina Menard (Abbeville High School); Simpson Gradnigo (Erath High School)

The presenters guided participants in performing hands-on activities in physical science, biology, and chemistry using digital sensors. Teachers attending the session engaged in different scenarios of learning in kinematics, Newton's laws, electrocardiograms and gas laws.  The VPSB team guided its audience through the gathering, analysis and interpretation of graphical data, and provided them with  handouts documenting all activities.

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