Mrs.  Patrice Mire Classroom at Kaplan High  

Courtney Romero, Trinity Duplantis and Traylor Trahan are experimentally determining the heat of fusion of water


Keisha Abshire and Kristen Dubois are using the temperature sensor during a chemistry class.

Jeff Broussard , Kara Harris and Hashley Corner working together with a group




Devan Green, Tyler Hebert and Ashley Broussard are measuring respiration rate in Biology II .


Tyler Domingue and Damian Gaspard are working on their calculations and interpreting results after their Data  collection.


Mallory Miller and Lea Tonigold are examining data collected with a spirometer in Biology II.



Dennis Dubus is collecting data using a spirometer in Biology II.

Brent Cormier is examining data after having  completed  the  experimental phase of  a lab activity in Biology II.


Ashley Schexnider , Bailey Vincent and Michelle set up a laboratory activity using sensors and Pasco software Data Studio.

Jacob Champagne gives his partner ""thumbs up " to begin data collection during a Biology II live data computer lab (data being collected with sensors) .