Pasco New Orleans Workshop

May 9 - May 11, 2008

National presenters presented activities closely related to the implementation of  the Chevron Grant, "Energy for Learning."  Among the presenters was Dawn Warren, a national teacher of the year.  The workshop also featured science teachers and national presenters from Ohio (Jason Carnes), Texas (Gary Nicholson),  and California  (Jeff Arrigoti and Korey Champe).  The workshop was held at the Renaissance Pere Marquette Hotel, 817 Common St. in New Orleans. 

The activities featured familiarization with the technology, which is a central element of the grant.  Science activities from the 3rd grade through the 12th grade included the integration of  probeware technology in lessons correlated to the Louisiana curriculum.



Demo experiment:  variation observed in the flux when a magnet is dropped into a coil



Participants included:

Teacher Name School Name email
Roland Pautz Central Office
Jude Dubois Central Office
Elizabeth Ball Herod 5th grade
Leah Trahan Herod 4th grade
Monica Morsei Herod 3rd grade
Nanette Delcambre Erath 5rth grade
Stephanie Broussard Erath 8th grade
Erin Landry NVHS
Jennifer Frick NVHS
Christina Menard AHS
Valerie Bouillon AHS  
Brad Vincent GHS
Fran Granger FIEB
Simpson Gnadigo EHS