Science Professional Development Summer 2008


           The goal of the workshop was to address prevalent  needs in  the classroom and school to facilitate integration of Chevron equipment  in the classroom. The feedback of the science teachers during these workshops was used to create and design science curriculum support sites emphasizing use of the equipment.

           During the 3 hour workshop, teachers engaged in activities highlighting the integration of  Energy for Learning grant into the curriculum. Teachers shared their best activities pertaining to the implementation of the curriculum at their grade level. 

            The follow-up of these sessions was a hands-on workshop conducted by Mrs. Nanette Delcambre  and Mrs Shelanne Richard at the middle school level at the parish in-service day  on August 12th.  On the same day, high school science teachers reunited and discussed the impact of the program on last year's student performance, reviewed the curriculum support site, and recommended suggestions to ease the implementation and maximize the impact of Energy for Learning.


 The Participants During Professional Development

Tim Leblanc, Sabrina ZaunBrecher, Lauren Hebert were the science teachers participating at the workshops at Gueydan  High on Thursday, May 29;  Erica Livers, Simpson Gradnigo, Tommy Byler, Amy Noel participated at the Erath High workshop on Tuesday June 3; Nannette Delcambre, Stephanie Broussard, Kevin Delcambre, Lori Porter, Maleigha Viator, Fran Granger, Barry Simon  participated on June 4th at Erath Middle; Ricky Menard, Hope Hebert, Melanie Alleman, Delean Dooley, Linda Soirez, Pam Cheek, Nichole Greene, Karen Schexnaider participated at Dozier Elementary; Olivia Krause and  Debbie Schexnider participated at Eaton Park; Valerie Dartez, Helen Gaspard, Mara Bass, Fran Luquette, Kelly Rodrigue, and Dana Primeaux at participated at JH Williams; Suzette Riddle, Randele Boulet, Barbara Sellers, Ian Methvin, Karen Dubose, armen Touchet, Bonnie Broussrd, Rhonda Harrington participated at Indian Bayou.

Parish Professional Development at the Middle School Level was conducted by Mrs. Nanette Delcambre and Mrs.Shelanne Richard
On August 12th, Mrs. Delcambre (6th grade science teacher at EMS) and Mrs. Shelanne Richard  (VPSB Curriculum Interventionist) conducted a professional development session involving  middle school science teachers.  The presentation included hands-on activities utilizing equipment from the Chevron  "Energy for Learning" Program.  Mrs. Decambre and Mrs. Richard also shared activities and technology projects their students had created. Student work exhibited included Power Point projects, iPhoto projects, and iMovie projects that showcased students' science investigations through digital storytelling.