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Vermilion Parish School Board Louisiana Department of Education
Vermilion Parish Child Nutrition: make online meal payments, view cafeteria menus Student Progress Center:  check your child's grades, access their schedule, attendance, and more
Homework Assistance: VPSB Medication Policy: regarding auto-injectable epinephrine
JGCD (Medication Policy).pdf
Skills Center: 2017-2018 School Calendar
2017 - 2018 StudentParent Handbook.pdf Parent Drop-off and Pick-up Information
Drop off Pick up Procedures.pdf
Dance Information
Periodically during the school year, a school dance is sponsored by a school club on Thursday or Friday afternoons.

School dances will be from 2:30 - 5:00 pm, and the cost is $5. Concessions will be sold, and we will also sell pictures for $1.

Students that pay on Friday morning will remain after school to attend the dance in the cafeteria. It is a lock-in dance, in other words, once the dance starts, students are not allowed to leave. Parents are not allowed in the cafeteria unless they are designated chaperones.


Parents are invited to each and every dance to help with concessions, collections at the door, and supervision.  Please do not wait for an invitation; just “get down” and help. If there are not at least 3-4 parents at the dance, then the dance will have to be canceled.


The dances end at 5:00. All students must be picked up promptly. Students are dismissed from the back gate by the new gym; no one will be allowed to walk home from the front of school.


As in previous years, parents may park in the parking lot to pick up their child. If you choose to do this, you must get out of your car to pick up your child at the gate. We will not allow any students to cross in the parking lot. The parking pick up line will be in effect, entering in the first gate nearest the school. Parking should be down 6th Street, going towards Lejeune, and lineup can continue onto Lejeune if you choose not to wait in the parking lot. Please do not turn onto 6th Street from Cushing. Traffic will back up. We ask for your patience with pick up, since we expect attendance to be high. 

Grading Scale
100-93 A
92-85 B
84-75 C
74-67 D
66 - Below F

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