August 2013
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Dear Parents,

    Welcome back! I hope your child is as excited as I am to begin the new school year! I have many fun and exciting things planned for us.

First grade can be a very challenging year for a lot of children and sometimes the parents as well. Many new and exciting skills will be taught. If at any time you have any questions about something being taught or you’re not sure how to help your child with problems he or she is having, please contact me by letter, email, or phone. If you call the school, I will return your call as soon as I can. The school phone number is 937-6915. My email address is .

I am asking for a $5.00 class fee which will help buy art supplies and class incentives. Please put it in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and “supply fee.” You can send this in the first week of school. Thank you in advance for helping me with this expense.

    I strongly suggest you attend the Open House at Dozier once school starts.  There will be many topics that I will discuss pertaining to my classroom. I will discuss the way I manage my classroom along with the different skills I will teach throughout the year.

    Please let me know of any special conditions or concerns your child may have so we can work together throughout the year. I am looking forward a great year! I hope to see you at Open House.


                              Rachel Romero

Mrs. Rachel Romero

1st Grade- Room B9

Homework Folder- This red folder must be brought to school every day. I will send anything important or that needs to be signed in the front of the folder labeled “Important.”  Page protectors are attached in the center of the folder. Please look for our weekly newsletter every Monday in the first page protector. This will inform you of the week’s happenings and the stories/skills we are learning in class. We will put vocabulary words, Spelling words, reading passages, and any other study tools for the week in the other labeled page protectors. Everything in the page protectors should be practiced every night. The pocket in the back of the folder will be labeled as “homework.” Please complete any handouts in this pocket and return.  

Keep At Home Folder-This folder will be blue and should be brought back to school everyday. Anything your child puts in here should be left at home. Please look over and review any class work with your child. Let them explain what they did that day. It will give you insight as to what we are covering in class.

Reading Record Sheet- This is your child’s nightly READING homework. It will be located on the back of the weekly newsletter. (In the first page protector of the red Homework folder) It is a way to keep track of “Reading” homework.  Please initial each section as completed.

Test Papers- A yellow envelope will be sent home on Wednesdays. Go over the tests with your child and sign your name on the front of the yellow envelope. Your signature lets me know you have viewed the test papers. Please return the envelope with the test papers the next day. You can monitor your child’s grades online through the Parent Command Center.

Grades- We have a nine week grading period.   Beginning with the first nine weeks, grades will be as follows:

          A    100-93%

          B    92-85%

          C    84-75%

          D    74-67%

          F    66% and below 

***At the beginning of 1st Grade, all test will be read to the students. Around November, students will be required to read ALL test on their own. I will inform you of the specific day when the time comes.  

Conduct- Good classroom behavior is conducive to learning. Rules are posted and reviewed often. In my class, we use a “Red Light” pocket chart where each student will have a popsicle stick with their name on it. Each time a student breaks a rule, they move their popsicle stick. Conduct will be recorded daily in the back of their homework folder on a calendar.  Please check the calendar each night and initial inside that block.   

     Green Light=      Green Smile-Great Day!

     Yellow Light=       Yellow Smile-Warning

     Red Light=          Red Sad Face-Missed 1 Recess

     Out of Pocket=   Brown Sad Face-Missed 2 Recesses (Minor Infraction)

On my desk=       Black Sad Face-Sent to the Office (Major infraction)

***Weekly conduct grades are given according to the color the student is on:

S=  Green light, 1-2 Yellow Lights   

N=  3 or more Yellow or 1 Red Light     

U=  2 or more Red Lights, Out of Pocket (Brown), or Office Visit (Black)

***Green all week: Pull from the Treasure Chest

***Minor Infractions are sent home to be signed in the front pocket of the Red Homework folder. If your child would receive 2 Minor Infractions in a week, the next one would be a Major Infraction (which is an office referral).

Reading- Our Reading series consists of 5 different books. Tests for reading will come from vocabulary words (used in context) and skills that are taught in different reading lessons. Due to our revised Reading Curriculum, our Reading test will not always occur on a Friday. You will be notified of test dates in our weekly newsletter. Later in the year, True Comprehension tests will also be given. Please have your child read the vocabulary words each night. They do not have to spell these words. Lists of words for each story are in the homework folder. Practicing the passages that are in the homework folder each night is important to help your child’s reading fluency.

Math- Our math curriculum has changed this year. With each unit, I will send home a Math newsletter to explain what will be taught in that unit. This will be kept in your child’s red homework folder. Please review the worksheets that we worked on in class, along with completing the homework pages sent home. This will help your child with some of the difficult concepts.  Please look for math homework each night in the homework folder.

Spelling- The spelling lists go along with our Reading stories. The spelling list can be found in the homework folder. Spelling homework will be to write the words and sentences 3 times each on Monday and Tuesday nights on primary paper that I will send home, then eventually in their notebook. On Wednesday night, you can have your child write their words again, or do “Mom’s Trial Test.” (Call out words, have them write each one once. Then only practice the ones they missed) On Thursdays a trial test will be given in class. If you child has a perfect paper, then he or she will not have to take the test on Friday. I will send a note home to let you know. The sentences will have the current week’s words and previous words studied. When grading the sentences, capitalization and punctuation are included in the grade.

Language- This year the students will be doing lots of writing. Please take the time to let them read their writing to you and give them praise and encouragement. We will have many graded writing assignments throughout the year. Some other skills that will be taught in Language are complete and incomplete sentences, telling and asking sentences, nouns, verbs, and adjectives. I will occasionally send worksheets for homework in the homework folder. Please review class work at home each night.

Social Living- We will alternate Science and Social Studies units every two to three weeks. This subject will be graded with S, N, or U.  This will be a project based subject. Participation and graded class assignments will be given for each unit. Some projects will need to be completed at home. You will be informed of these projects.

Attendance- We start school at 8:05am. It is very important that your child be here on time. After 8:10, your child will be considered tardy. Please send a written excuse no later than 3 days after your child returns to school. If your child is sick and goes to the doctor, send the doctor’s excuse. If your child is absent or checked out/in for any other reason, I need a written excuse from the parent.  If I do not receive an excuse, your child will have a “U” for an unexcused absence. The school board is taking absences very seriously. Your child must be at school to learn!

Going Home- When your child’s routine is set on how they are going home, they must go home that way. I must receive a note from you if your child needs to go home in a different manner. I cannot take the child’s word for it. I must have a written note.

Sending Notes- Any important papers or notes for me should be sent in the Red Homework Folder. They can often be overlooked in the book sacks.

Lunch Money- Please put your child’s lunch and/or breakfast money in an envelope and write your child’s name, lunch number, my name, and 1st grade. You may pay weekly, monthly, or for the year. Absences are credited and the money can be refunded at the end of the year if you request, or it will roll over to next year. I DO NOT handle any breakfast or lunch money. The envelope is sent directly to the cafeteria before our morning begins.

Booksacks, Hats, Coats, etc-To help us keep track of everyone’s belongings, please write your child’s name on these items. Many jackets and sweatshirts are left in enrichment class or on the playground when a child gets hot from running around. If no name is on it, it may end up in lost and found. Also, please help your child learn to tie their shoes. We have lots of little feet in our room. If they are still working on mastering this skill, please tie their shoestrings in a double knot before they leave home.

Parties- When we have class parties, a note will be sent home informing you of the details. Celebrating a birthday with individual treats and/or individual drinks will be fine, just let me know ahead of time. Please no cakes or drinks to pour.

Thank you so much for all of your support and cooperation. I look forward to a FANTASTIC year!!!!

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