Who’s the Man Game Show

Meshing grade level expectations and technology is occurring more and more in classrooms daily. Tools such as computers, digital cameras and flip cameras are being used to breathe life into valuable student lessons.



Sadie Suire’s 5th grade homeroom class at Dozier Elementary recently studied about the “French and Indian War” and the “Road to the Revolution.”  With a script, flip cameras, computers and a projector, the excited group of students learned about events and historical men using modern technology to set the stage.


The culminating lesson was a game show format called “Who’s the Man?” Contestants were asked ten questions about specific men who were involved in events, which inevitably led to the Revolutionary War.

The physical aspects of the set used computer slides (with the questions) and a projector which projected a large image set behind the contestants. Suire’s goal was to create the same effect as a game show on television.



Tech savvy student Gavyn Page served as the as the technical person on the computer working “behind the scenes” during the game show. Brennan Felix served as the game show host, while co-host Leah Phillips served in a “Vanna White” style.


With teams named, the “A’s” and the “B’s” the two teams competed against each other. Each slide had a question pertaining to the topic at hand and asked “Who’s the Man” Students then rang the bell and stated who was the man tied to a specific event.


Using a flip camera and mini tripod, one final student was the camera person and filmed the game show for the class to view after.


Through a fun and enriching lesson, Sadie Suire’s 5th grade class was able to learn about the men during that historical era by seamlessly meshing grade level expectations and technology. The film clip can be found on Suire’s website @ http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/sadies


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